9 thoughts on “Nutty Roseanne Hearts ACORN and Obama

  1. Don't worry about 'nice' guy steve Lisa. He's a boring blowhard.

    And as for Roseanne Barr, I pity her. It is quite clear that she is not well.

  2. Steve – you seem to a discordant a&& & never have anything intelligent to add to these discussions. Why do you comment?

    Mark – Rosanne is an full blown idiot, spouts hate to the camera whenever she can and she's ugly as shit. Her hate spouting and nonsense has gone on for decades.

    I will continue to hold any opinion I like of bitch-Roseanne or any Hollywood idiot.

    Pfffft back at ya

  3. Lisa G, experience tells me that playing the person instead of the ball is often a knee jerk reaction when you are unable to critique their point of view?

  4. I fear that most things are above your paygrade in understanding Lisa G.

    You are in fact a discordant "wahanui".

  5. Well Americans do use shovel if one needs to dig oneself out of bullsh*t.

    Also, a bucket can be handy if one feels the need to vomit.

    Both seem appropriate for anything this woman states as her 'opinion' on almost anything.

    Why would anyone listen to her is above my paygrade in understanding. Not that is matters what people look like, but did she have liposuction on her cheeks? […weird… like most Hollyweird-ones]

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