Death Threats Against US President Have NOT Increased Under Obama

The MSM has been spreading the notion that death threats against the US President have increased since President Obama came to power.

The implication being that racists and “right wing” crazies can’t stand the idea of an African American president and pose an increasing threat to Obama’s security.

Here Washington D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, questions US Secret Service Director Mark J. Sullivan on the subject.

Turns out that threat levels are pretty much the sames as they were under Bush and Clinton.

Fancy that.


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3 thoughts on “Death Threats Against US President Have NOT Increased Under Obama

  1. The interloper event was not a death threat to anyone, it was just a 'new media' prank, as much as a media prank as that 'chasers war on everything' lot in Australia trying to get through security dressed as Osama Bin Laden during the 2007 APEC gathering in Australia.

    I am not surprised the US media have featured this event, they did with the Chasers prank as well, its just business for them, but why others would even bothers to try and whip this up as a death threat is just plain disengenuous I'm afraid.

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