Bunning Bashes Bernanke

Senator Bunning (R) Kentucky grills Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke over his unconcsionable corporate socialism.

Well done Senator Bunning.


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7 thoughts on “Bunning Bashes Bernanke

  1. u just have your facts incorrect, Steve-O … learn

    … but you're right, America doesn't care at all about anyone else…

    America never:
    – helped out millions of Europeans getting bombed or gassed by Hitler or other facist dictators… nope, didn't happen….
    America never helped out the S.Vietnamese … nope, no American soldiers have never ever ever died on foreign shores…
    America never sends millions of $$ to Africa or other poor countries in need… nope, never happens…
    America NEVER buys ANY NZ products… no Americans ever travel to NZ spending tourist dollars…

    …. yep American's are soooooooo mean

  2. Thank you for your dissertation…..fact is, it's the Ugly Americanism of "denying" people…..not caring…..very shoddy !

  3. "31 million Americans" is an outright lie "Steve". Go research some facts. You can start here:

    "How to Lie with statistics" from: http://www.creators.com/opinion/david-harsanyi/how-to-lie-with-statistics-again.html

    The earlier figure was 46 million but "the 46 million figure is based on unreliable Census Bureau data. But even the less unreliable Congressional Budget Office puts the number at about 31 million. And even that number, former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin claims, is an "incomplete and potentially misleading picture of the uninsured population."

    For one reason, the uninsured figure counts all Americans (and illegal immigrants) who have been uninsured for any amount of time during a year, even if they happen to be between jobs or changing insurance plans or on family visits to Guatemala.

    According to the CBO, 45 percent of the uninsured are uninsured for four months or less, which seems like a pretty positive number to me.

    Then, another portion of uninsured Americans already qualify for existing government health insurance programs — and government already controls 46 percent of spending on health care — for which they have not signed up.

    The CBO estimates that as many as 15 percent of the chronically uninsured are already eligible for help.

    The Urban Institute (hardly an advocate of free market fundamentalism) found that 25 percent of the uninsured qualify for some program.
    Surely, most citizens would concur that health care is too expensive (though most citizens likely would concur that everything is too expensive) and something should be done. So when President Obama tells us that 46 million Americans are uninsured, he is implying that 46 million people can't afford health insurance. That, too, is absurd.

    In a study for the National Bureau of Economic Research called "Is Health Insurance Affordable for the Uninsured?," Stanford economists say, "Based on a plausible range of definitions and assumptions … health insurance is affordable for between one quarter and three quarters of adults who are not insured."

    Turns out that 8.4 million uninsured Americans are making $50,000 to $74,999, and 9.1 million more are making more than $75,000. Health insurance is just incompatible with their lifestyles, I guess.

    There are obviously inconveniences — children and mortgages, for instance — that quickly can make $50,000 seem like a pittance. Then again, 27 percent of all adults in their 20s (many, I presume, without offspring) choose not to have health insurance. Many of them surely have the means to purchase insurance but after meticulously considering the trade-offs (imbibing or insuring?) say no thanks.

    These facts do not undermine the argument for nationalized health care. (History and common sense do that already.) They do, however, point out that many statistics, to quote Huff again, get by "only because the magic of numbers brings about a suspension of common sense."

  4. Must say Bunning is superbly coiffed.

    Seems to be "de riguer" with all those clapped out old Republican trough guzzlers.

    Tell me about the "work" they've had. While in the name of "God" they fight tooth and nail to ensure that 31 million Americans not presently having health cover, will never have it.

    That is "God" apparently.

    No it's not. It's "Greed".

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