14 thoughts on “Good on Ya Mate!

  1. As far as "Anonymous" #2: Look up Mark Lloyd and tell us our free speech is not in danger, look up the Cyber Security act of 2009 that gives the president FULL CONTROL of the internet, then come back and lie to us about how our first amendment means anything with these freaks in power.

  2. They absolutely do have that right, but the quickest way to be smacked down by the state is come out and say you're getting your gun and going to the capitol, whether you were serious about it or not.

  3. If Obama is a Stalinist establishing a tyranny, then it follows logically that people have the right to bear arms to oppose him, once the road to dictatorship is clear. Can Trevor respond to that argument i stead of deleting me? You can't have it both ways. If Obama is a tyrant as you claim the people have the right to use extra-legal means to resist his tyranny.

  4. Its neither offensive, or an issue of free speech as the various commentators state. If I put a billboard up in town claiming that 1 + 1 = 4, the issue with the claim should be obvious. The claims on the sign are merely wrong whether offensive or not.

    The 1st & 2nd amendments are not in jeopardy. Establishment of religion, free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, war protests, anonymous speech, flag desecration, determining what is obscenity, what is seditious,, libel, slander, and private action, political speech, determining involuntary commitment, freedom of the press, taxation of the press, content regulation, petition and assembly, freedom of association….

    Jock Stewart
    These are not under threat and neither is the right to form well regulated militias and to bear arms, the ratification of the Bill of Rights and lots of case law history have made it pretty much untouchable.

    People feel these are under threat because of nefarious claims made by ultra conservatives who will stoop to any low to whip up fear amongst the population at their disdain toward the Obama presidency.

    For example there is a huge chasm between regulating say the right to assemble, at a state level by introducing a need for permits (as is the case in most of the western world) in order to congregate, and that of attempting to ban public gatherings. In this case media persona's have gone overboard into disingenuous behavior by claiming that because of these regulations at a state level, enacted in one city, that the Federal Government is threatening the 1st amendment.

    Yep its their right to make such claims, its offensive to some and enlightenment to others, but the claims are just clearly wrong. There is no other description for this type of behavior other than scaremongering. This type of media spin is not offensive to my political beliefs, but it is an affront to my intelligence, and an insult to everything the USA is supposed to stand for.

    Frankly as someone who is not from the US, I am alarmed at the way the right wing media in that country is reacting to the first Black President and ashamed at just how gullible a lot of people area.

  5. You've had your fun my anarchist friends.

    Any more stupid inflammatory comments like this one will be deleted.

  6. Well said. Wiuld you agree that the time is near for Americans to take up arms against the communist takeover led by Obama?

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