Loudon on "The Awakening"

Coming, this Monday Night:

Trevor Loudon, Exposing Obama’s Marxist Web, on The Awakening

What do Barack & Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, David Axelrod, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Carol Browner, Ron Bloom, Hilda Solis, Samantha Power and Rosa Brooks have in common?

Trevor Loudon bothers them a great deal — because he blows their cover — and he does it from New Zealand.

We will have two hours to compare notes. And, listen for other Obamologists calling in.

The Awakening, with Arlen Williams
Stream it live, or listen/call in at (646) 727-2652 ~ 9-11pm ET,,, 6-8pm PT.


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8 thoughts on “Loudon on "The Awakening"

  1. Some very interesting points H l-and no i wasn't aware of Honza's work-thanks.

    Re Civil War-I'd be intrigued to know about the "authority".

    My view is that whether Obama is "natural born" or not, the only safe way to get rid of him is through the ballot box.

    If obama is prematurely "deposed" you may get an Honduras type situation-and possibly even the Civil war we all dread.

  2. I also want to comment about what I'm hearing about George Soros. When his name was brought up I thought for sure you'd mention the one guy who has it right about Soros, and that's Honza Malina at anti-communistanalyst.com. Since you didn't mention Malina's investigations of Soros I have to wonder if you're unfamiliar with Honza's work. That would be shocking to me if you weren't a reader of Honza's, as I have no problem ranking him up with Jeff Nyquist (the source from above) as the top Soviet analysts out there.

  3. Trevor, I'm listening to the download of this interview and I think you have the wrong take on the birth certificate issue and here's why: I have it on good authority that the Kremlin is engineering a U.S. civil war, that they are currently working to split the military between those who support Obama and those who support the Constitution. There is really no debate to be had about Obama's Constitutional eligibilty. It is a plain fact that the man is not Constitutionally eligible, and those arguing otherwise are under either direct or indirect communist influence and they're flat out lying. It is the one issue above all others which is a virtual guarantee of causing civil war. I can think of no other issue that is going to cause it, even including de facto repeal of the second amendment.Americans are not ready to go to war over healthcare or any other policy issue. We are systematically being sovietized every day and there is no will to resist.

    Believe me when I tell you that Team Obama is NOT happy that the eligibility issue hasn't gone away. You can bet that Obama was assured by his KGB handlers that the birth certificate thing was going to be no big deal. The same officers and agents who got him this far would have no problem making the issue a non-story. But let me tell you, there is a trial date of January 26, I believe, and Obama is shitting his pants.

    Look, the same media that covered up the eligibility issue prior to the election and inauguration could just as easily have kept it quiet more recently. This never had to be a story at all, if that's what the boys in the Lubyanka wanted. Obama has been SET UP. Do you really think the Soviets have any intention of letting a member of the lumpen proletariat run the crown jewel of Soviet conquests? You know what the KGB calls its recruited agents in countries like the U.S. They call them shit eaters. You know what Yuri Bezmenov said would happen to ideologically committed communists when Soviet and other communist troops reach U.S. soil. He said they would be squashed like cockroaches. He said they would be the first to go. Think about it.

    I just want to let you know that I'm no activist in the birther movement or anything like that. I am someone who has read a great deal of information on the subject and the issue is a no-brainer. The guy isn't elibible. Period.

    The KGB had its pick of American communists to groom for the position of president. There's little doubt that Clinton has been Moscow's agent ever since 1969. I don't think Moscow's choosing an ineligible candidate was a mistake. I think they put him where he is BECAUSE of his ineligibilty.

    I have NO DOUBT that civil war is being engineered by the Kremlin. I can think of no other issue that would cause it.

  4. "Yes and thank you Harvey and you too Emily…and Guber as well…..thank you"

    What alot of over-ripe cant is this ?

    Loudon does it from New Zealand indeed…..and Obama's knees are knocking too I'm sure.

    Truth is New Zeal and Loudon were purchased as a new-look bugle for Obama obssessives in the US, nothing more. It's as New Zealand as the monthly NRA newsletter.

    Oh so admirable !

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