12 thoughts on “"Puppet on a String"

  1. I always pictured him as a hand puppet…you know. With Soros' hand in the Southern end of his alimentary canal.

  2. Edward O lord this is the best news i've heard in two years.America is waking up they now see that Obama loves the game of monoply.He carries the game were ever he goes and gets mad when he lands on a hotel that he does'nt own, Let it be so and get him the hell out of office today. And put an American that loves this country in his place.God bless America

  3. Why is TV IRAN interviewing this man? Their sole purpose is to tear down the great Satan. While this is true, and we Americans know it, to have a foreign adversarial agent question it bodes ill.

  4. I've said from Day-One he is a "Plant". As phoney as a 3-dollar bill. How the hell could he be for real with such an un-American name for starters and now that he's been in office (for too long) all of his un-American actions.

  5. Right on. Obama is nothing more than a con man PR agent for the communist uber left. He is their "boy". Just follow the CPUSA's website.

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