Labour’s Refugees

The sad thing about the 600 odd Kiwis we’re losing per week is that they tend to be our best and brightest.

I did a mass email to my local ACT supporters mailing list yesterday, advertising our South Island conference on March 17th. These replies were in my inbox this morning.

From a long term resident academic

The new tax regime of Dr. Cullen is a disaster. My wife and I were planning on staying in NZ at least through November 2007 as we both teach (finance) at….. But a few months ago on a visit to ……, we were both offered good jobs…

We have accepted the positions–and we have left New Zealand. Felt like we were forced to leave.

We had a good 7 years in New Zealand and met many fine and outstanding people. But we would be working for minimum wage if we had to pay tax on our overseas superfunds held in the US.

It is my conjecture that a major currency and economic crises is on on the horizon for New Zealand. If Dr. Bollard raises rates once more, this is my signal to short the NZ dollar against the Aus. $ or Japanese yen.

It was a pleasure to experience the Kiwi life style over the past 7 years. I also had the experience of having some of the best and most motivated students in my 20+ university teaching career.

Good luck in the next election.

From a born here Kiwi battler


We wish you well, but B… and I have voted with our feet and left “Helen’s Ville”. We now live in Sydney Australia, where life is not perfect but reality is less flawed – our taxes, though higher than in NZ, go to pay for the defense of NZ, since NZ will no longer do it for itself.

Proud New Zealanders in Australia are embarrassed at every utterance of our foolish Prime Minister.

The dimmest Australian State Premier comes across as a Statesman by comparison – it’s really sad.

We won’t be back till this government is gone.

Helen Clark and Labour won’t miss good people like these, because they don’t vote for her regime. However our side of the political divide can’t afford to lose good supporters and NZ can’t afford to lose our real producers.

All the more reason to elect a pro-freedom government at the next election, so that more NZ’s finest are inspired to return home.


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6 thoughts on “Labour’s Refugees

  1. I left NZ in 77. Never regretted it. Loved Melbourne. Made much more money. Moved to the US in 93 when slimeball Keating became PM. Despite the snow, my NE Ohio location suits me fine, as long as Al Gore stays out of town. That loon CAUSES record cold weather wherever he goes. I visited Melbourne last December. Wow. That city has boomed. I nearly bought a unit in the Eureka building. If the Democrats take over in 2008 I might head back there. New Zealand? Not a chance in Hades. It’s turned into a gutless Socialist backwater.

  2. New Freedom Party??

    Are they a breakaway from the Freedom Party set up by Paul King and Gareth Turner?? 🙂

    Libertarians in Destiny?? WTF?!

  3. New Freedom Party, a grassroots movement inside National, Act, and Destiny, aiming to reclaim the liberation struggle in this country from pro-communist crawlers like you.

  4. They’re fleeing creeping totalitarianism. Act should join the NFP in calling for US sanctions against the Clark regime.
    Instead though you talk of a coalition deal! What a sellout to communism and anti-Christianity!

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