Communists, Socialists Collaborate On "Climate Change" Propaganda

The Socialist International(SI)-to which the New Zealand Labour Party and the Democratic Socialists of America are both affiliated, is not what it was.

Formerly a genuinely socialist organisation, with some anti-communist elements, the Socialist international is now an appendendage of the communist movement.

Not surprising then, to see the SI toeing the Communist Chinese propaganda line on “Climate Change”-all part of a strategy to impoverish the West and bring down capitalism.

Chinese President Hu Jintao with President of the Socialist International George Papandreou

From the Communist Party of China International Department website

BEIJING, May 15 — Developed countries should shoulder some responsibility for huge greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, former Swedish Prime Minister Goran Persson told an international gathering of socialists in Beijing on Friday.

Persson said developed nations with “advanced economies exported production of some energy-wasting goods to those economies” in the developing world.

Persson was speaking at a seminar organized by the world’s most populous political party and the world’s biggest party organization on how to work together to address global environmental concerns.

The Communist Party of China (CPC), with more than 70 million members, and the Socialist International (SI), which brings together 170 political parties and organizations worldwide, devoted the one-day talks to global warming, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our high-level talks on sustainable development today epitomizes the stronger exchanges and cooperation since the CPC and the SI started the strategic dialogue in 2004,” Wang Jiarui, minister of the CPC Central Committee International Department, said in the opening address.

“China’s pursuit of sustainable development was not a “forced choice,” but a voluntary move out of responsibility for the Chinese nation and humanity,” he said.

He called for international efforts to tackle climate change and seek sustainable growth.

As a country of 1.3 billion population, China should improve its capability to deal with the climate change, seek sustainable development, and fulfill international responsibilities,” Wang said.

The Socialist International is trying to shape a new path of development, SI President George Papandreou said in an interview with Xinhua,”we want to make sure that we have a development path that will guarantee the employment, the social cohesion, also competitiveness of our economies and protection of environment and dealing with climate change. “

This is something that we cannot do alone,” Papandreou said, hailing that China is one of the most dynamic economies in the world and plays a very important role.

He said the SI can create partnerships and alliances, which could be conducive to create consensus and platform that will guarantee the values and goals.

Participants included UN Climate Change Special Envoy Ricardo Lagos and Xie Zhenhua, China’s chief delegate to international climate change conferences.

To ensure the success of the upcoming UN climate change conference in Copenhagen, developed countries should cut greenhouse emissions by large amounts,” Xie told delegates.

The first round of climate change negotiations took place in Bonn, Germany, in April. There will be four more UN sessions before the Copenhagen conference in December, which will attempt to formulate a post-Kyoto deal on climate change.

The Copenhagen meeting will be very “important“, and “we have a very short window of opportunity,” said Papandreou.

He also pointed out that the developed world have realized to be prosperous, but at the same time they’ve also used the energy “in a way that created huge greenhouse gas emissions“.

Papandreou said there is an injustice that now developed countries are saying everyone must change the path of growth.

“The burden can not be equally put on the poor and the developed. Bigger responsibilities are on the developed countries,” he said.


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3 thoughts on “Communists, Socialists Collaborate On "Climate Change" Propaganda

  1. It’s quite obvious. Even the eco-Left is divided into even opposing Obama’s green jobs which is being down by heavy government intervention.

    The environmental movement has obviously been hijacked by anti-Capitalist radicals to forward their agenda which is to halt growth of Capitalist countries in general.

  2. Bit sad when you equate Al Gore’s delusional/dishonest rantings and socialist propaganda with science anon.

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