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  2. Marc Faber is exaggerating for effect but he is correct that the dollar is being debased. The only bright spot for the dollar is that the Euro and most other currencies are being debased even more. The current banking crisis is very small compared to the social security, medicare and pension crisis that is in the pipeline. Total US debt will be over $60 trillion in 2 decades. It is just one more example of the return of 1930’s style economics and politics. The current turmoil is going to end violently.

    Marc Faber is no “twit”. The Swiss investor has been correct far more often then he has been wrong. He was one the few who accurately forecast the current worldwide bank crisis.

  3. Silly.

    Obama is not “President for Life”. We have 3 branches of government in the US, and while it may not seem like it to the world right now, there are checks and balances in place.

    And the States have rights separate from the Federal government.

    We also have elections coming up in 2010 for the House of Representatives and the Senate. With the mess Obama and the Democrats are creating, I expect the 2010 elections will see several Dems senators and congressmen voted out and replaced by Republicans.

    Obama is fast becoming a one-term President.

    The Dems were going to win the Presidential election last year anyway – regardless who won their primary. And they successfully won a number of congressional and senatorial seats too, making them ALMOST a one party government.

    But our Founding Fathers were geniuses, and with the 3 branches of government, our Constitution, our State’s rights and the simple fact that AMERICANS are not Europeans, the bums will get voted out and the Dem party will receive a vicious backlash at the voting booth.

    The 21st Century will be the Century of American Prosperity. This neo-marxist twit that barely half the voters selected will be gone, and while his policies may remain for a while, they too will be fixed.

    The Presidency of America is a well-lit position, and Obama is getting exposed daily. Just wait for the rest of his shadows to see the light of day.

    PS: I am from Zimbabwe, now a proud American, for whatever that’s worth.

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