Tame Iti’s Cousin?

Posted on subversive maori website Aotearoa Cafe.

Trev Lewdon – Welcome back | | 2007-12-18 09:46:07

Hi all, my name is trev and I have a small penis.


Te Manu | Registered | 2007-12-19 08:07:54

Kia ora Trev, still feel welcome to korero here mate, even with your raho iti..as far as I know there hasnt been a restriction on raho size to korero on the Aotearoa Cafe. : but I could be wrong. Yeah and honesty is a good thing mate, but some things are left better not said.

What’s Tame Iti’s cousin got to do with the size of my wotsit?

If it was someone from Rangi Kemara’s whanau, I could understand the comparison-he being 140Kg an’ all.


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