Vigilance Needed Against Tamil Extremists

As the Sri Lankan army nears victory over the marxist/terrorist Tamil Tigers, expect a big influx of Tamil refugees into New Zealand.

Also expect Tamil radicals to attempt to expand their use of New Zealand as an organisational base to carry on their struggle from abroad.

This country has been regarded for years as a safe haven for Tamil extremists. Unlike Britain, Germany, the US, Australia and Canada, New Zealand under Labour has refused to clamp down on Tamil extremism.

Hopefully this will change under the National/ACT government.

The New Zealand left have long sympathised with the Tamil Tigers and will amp up their support and propaganda for their cause.

Such as this example from Indymedia

Protest against Sri Lankan army genocide of Tamil population

Global Peace and Justice Auckland is supporting a rally and march organised by the New Zealand Tamil Community for next Wednesday 4th February.

The protest is make the public aware of the murderous attacks on Tamils by the Sri Lankan military in the past two weeks. This follows the Sri Lankan army fighting their way into Tamil areas in North-East Sri Lanka where they are trying to suppress the Tamil struggle for self-determination.

In the meantime we are appealing to the new Foreign Minister Murray McCully to speak out against massacres of Tamils in Sri Lanka. We want him to make a direct appeal to the Sri Lankan government to reign in its troops who are engaged in a thinly disguised genocide of the civilian population in the North-East of Sri Lanka. The International Red Cross have talked about a human catastrophe unfolding. New Zealand must be active in doing all it can to avert this disaster.

The protest is organised by COTANZ (Consortium of Tamil Associations of New Zealand) and GPJA will be giving support. The protest is timed for Sri Lanka’s national day of independence next week. It will be a reminder that as the majority Sinhalese population celebrate Sri Lanka’s national day the Tamil people continue to suffer brutal oppression…

The Tamil people are engaged in a struggle for self determination in their area of North-East Sri Lanka. Their struggle has an armed wing (the Tamil Tigers) which has recently lost several battles as the Sri Lankan army, dominated by members of the majority Sinhalese population, has moved into Tamil areas.

The Tamil people are 18% of Sri Lanka’s population and have a different ethnicity, religion, language and geography from the majority Sinhalese population. Their modern struggle for self-determination dates to before the time of British colonial rule. (The British left in 1948)

New Zealand needs to be especially vigilant in screening Tamil migrants and visitors in the near future.

Unless we want Tamil extremists consolidating and expanding their activities on our soil that is.


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11 thoughts on “Vigilance Needed Against Tamil Extremists

  1. I also could go on, on the poor treatement of Palestinian refugees in Arab countries whom originally invited some of them to life during the Six Day War. The Iraqi government has allowed milita groups and such to harass Iraqi Palestinians whom have lived in Iraq since the end of the Six Day War.

    I don’t see anyone making a U.N. resolution against Iraq, or Iraq’s problem with the Kurds as well. No one seems about that. Then Iran also has its own brand of minorities, such as its own Kurdish populations and other groups of Muslim ethnic minorities whom proclaim to have a plight.

    Where the hell is their say? It’s only Israel is the “big bad wolf” here.

    The only way I see for a solution to the problem is to promote Palestinian Gaza and the West Bank on the lines on what Dubai is like already which is the Hong Kong of the Middle East, a growing Capitalist economic center.

    Yet all this agitation on the part of radical anti-Israel agitators are not doing a thing for the Palestinians at all, and it’s not good for Israeli Jews at all.

  2. “Israel’s attack on Gaza rightly receives a lot of attention and condemnation but sadly Sri Lanka’s horrible treatment of the Tamils is hardly known around the World.”

    It’s because Israel happens to be run by a group of people whom were known to survive a holocaust. It’s like a Conservative, not acting like being a promoter of small government. Even when everyone else gets away with being hypocrites themselves.

    How’d about Turkey’s anti-Israel stance? Versus Turkey’s promotion of an apartheid system against the Kurds, or its denial of recognizing the Armenian genocide? How many U.N. resolutions have been lifted against Turkey for that?

    How about Burma being ruled by a brutal junta? It’s Christian Chin and its Muslim minorities are all brutality oppressed. A boat load of Burmese Muslims capsized into the sea, and the local Thai navy refused to help them. No one seems to really care about them.

    No self-describe Islamic radical has rooted for these Muslims. It’s only when it’s the Palestinians they decide to go nuts.

  3. I agree with you Mah. I wish there was much more coverage and condemnation of Sri Lanka’s state terror against the Tamil people.

    Israel’s attack on Gaza rightly receives a lot of attention and condemnation but sadly Sri Lanka’s horrible treatment of the Tamils is hardly known around the World.

  4. “Following Sri Lanka’s independence these ‘plantation Tamils’ were not allowed to vote and were stripped of citizenship, despite having lived in Sri Lanka for generations.”

    So why the hell is there no divestment campaign against Sri Lanka, but there only is one against Israel? Because Israel is ruled by Jews whom just happen to survive a holocaust in the previous war?

    Sri Lankans and Tamils alike had to be subjects of the British Empire. Yet I do not see equal footing on something like this.

    How many nations being members of the U.N. sponsored any resolutions condemning the Sri Lankan government? Can you please name them?

  5. “Yeah I reckon, just like how you don’t see the SL armies raining white phosphorous onto Tamil civilians either, the hypocryts!!!”

    Sure, revive that lie. The Tamils donn’t get the same PR as those Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas do. That’s the fact, exposing people like you are too selective, even among those whom would certainly ideologically agree with you.

    I guess some forms of “national liberation” are more equal than others.

  6. Reid. Many Tamils were brought to Sri Lanka by the British during the colonial period to work on tea plantations. Following Sri Lanka’s independence these ‘plantation Tamils’ were not allowed to vote and were stripped of citizenship, despite having lived in Sri Lanka for generations. The Sinhalese authorities made in hard for Tamils to attend university and also kicked Tamils out of the civil service.

    I think your ‘but the Tamils are lazy’ mentality is racist and doesn’t take into account the very real oppression faced by the Tamil people.

    Anyway Trevor I am glad to see you are talking about the situation in Sri Lanka because every leftist in Auckland I’ve talked to are incredibly bored of your Obama stuff. However, I would prefer it if you would added a couple of lines condemning the Sri Lankan armed forces’ recent mass shelling and bombing of Tamil civilians.

  7. Yeah I reckon, just like how you don’t see the SL armies raining white phosphorous onto Tamil civilians either, the hypocryts!!!

  8. I also don’t see that many U.N. resolutions drafted against Sri Lanka for it simply waging its war against the Tamil Tigers, like there have been plenty of U.N. resolutions against Israel when Israel simply defends itself.

    Hypocrisy anyone?

  9. There was recently a pro-Tamil Tiger rally in France which accused the Sri Lankan government of “genocide” against the Tamils.

    Yet they didn’t receive as much PR as pro-Hamas rallies have done in the past. Maybe it’s because the Sri Lankan government isn’t dominated by Jews whom happen to have survived a holocaust?

  10. The Tamil separatists are the only non-Islamic suicide terrorists. Any group that practices suicide terrorism should be shunned by all decent people. Why am I not suprised that the radical left supports them. Let them move to Tamil Nadu state in India where they came from if they don’t want to coexist with the Sinhalese Buddhists.

    Why are western leftists siding with the Tamil invaders? The Sinhalese were there first. The reason is simple. The Tamils are far less capable and have a much lower standard of living and therefore must be the victims of oppression. In the loony world of the left everyone is equal except for lower achieving people who must be victims of oppression.

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