"Redbaiter" on What National Needs to Do

“Redbaiter” wrote this comment on David Farrar’s Kiwi Blog last nigt, What do you think National’s strategy should be?

“While winning elections is never simple, the path National has to follow is pretty easy to define. 1) Decide what it stands for. 2) Formulate policies that align with what it stands for. 3) Articulate those policies loudly and clearly. Make sure the electorate understands why those policies are better than Labour’s.

Which brings me to point 4) Know your enemy. Acknowledge that most of the mainstream media are of the same political mindset as the Labour party and do not fall into the trap of treating them as objective commentators. The greater majority of NZ’s mainstream media are as much against the right as the Labour party, and with their ability to disseminate propaganda, extremely powerful. National has to defeat therefore two parties of great strength and cunning, and it is essential that they develop a strategy that deals with this situation. This means being ready to deal with the expected questions from the largely left wing media, and being able to win the argument with those left wing media personalities who will be asking the questions. Simple really, especially given most of the mainstream media are so predictably left wing in their thinking.

In the end tho, as Rod(ney Hide) suggests, its down to awakening the electors to the value of rightest policies. The Nats have two years to complete this task. Any MPs who cannot fully believe in or sell the selected policies should be replaced by people who are more attuned to right wing thinking and more articulate. Starting right now. Its true that scandal might win the day for the Nats, but there’s no glory in such a victory. Policies are the honourable way to do it.”


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1 thought on “"Redbaiter" on What National Needs to Do

  1. As usual, Redbaiter is correct.

    The MSM in this country is generally the voice of the Labour party.

    National must form strategies to nullify this advantage that Labour has.


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