The Real “Secret” of American Communism

If the Obama campaign has achieved one positive thing, it has woken many Americans up the fact that communists and socialist are still a feature of US politics.

Reports of Obama’s links to Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) reached millions via the internet, even if they never really made the mainstream.

That’s step one. At least people know these organizations still exist. But so what? They’re tiny, they have no influence. Why should anyone care about a few geriatric relics still fighting the Cold War?

How can a few fringe Marxist sects with a combined membership of probably fewer than 10,000, possibly effect a country as powerful as the United States of America?”

Here’s how.

Firstly, in politics, size isn’t everything-influence is. How many Mafiosi openly stand for Parliament in Sicily? None. Therefore the Mafia can have no political influence in Sicily-right?

Secondly, the real threat of communism has seldom been identified. Most commentators focus on espionage, insurrection and acts of revolutionary violence. All are important, but they are not THE REAL THREAT.

Well then what is the REAL THREAT then-know all?

To illustrate, I will give an example from my own country, New Zealand.

For many years New Zealand was a loyal member of the Australia, New Zealand, United States military alliance-ANZUS.

Then in 1984 New Zealand threw out the “conservative” government of Sir Robert Muldoon and elected the social democratic Labour government of David Lange.

Within a few months ANZUS was on the rocks. The mouse had roared. New Zealand stood up to the mighty US war machine and said “enough”-no more dirty nukes in our clean harbours. US ships welcome-nuclear armed ships not. Kiwis had spoken. We were all so proud of our government’s brave stand and most of us still are. It’s taught in schools, its part of our folklore. No conservative government dare even think of changing it.

Well that’s the myth-what really happened?

New Zealand’s pro-Soviet communist party of the time was the Socialist Unity Party-named after cuddly old Erich Honecker’s East German ruling party.

The SUP went from almost nowhere in the 1970s, to the dominant force in the trade union movement by the beginning of the 1980s. In 1976 the SUP, as did virtually every other western communist party at the time, set up an affiliate of the Moscow controlled World Peace Council-the New Zealand Council for World Peace.

The Soviets wanted to break a western country away from the US protective umbrella, in order to encourage others in the NATO alliance to do the same. For a variety of reasons New Zealand was chosen as the most likely country to lead the way. The order went out to build up the New Zealand peace movement and expand its influence into all sectors of society.

From the SUP Auckland Regional Newsletter November 12 1980

To date in the region the Peace Council has made good progress among trade unions but more effort must be made to build on this and take the peace question to the factory floor. Also needed now is to broaden the Peace Council into other areas of the Community, join up prominent personalities including MPs, increase church involvement, university involvement, other peace groups, community clubs etc. Here branches and comrades can act as catalysts.

We must be extremely careful that in building the Peace Council it does not become overburdened with “SUP” people or be labelled just another “SUP” front. If our Party is working correctly, only a few comrades, reporting back to the Region and Branches and taking forward issues from the same sources, are necessary to ensure effective involvement in the Peace movement. The broadest possible base is needed if we are to make the Council effective.

Oleg Gordievsky, a former high-ranking officer of the Soviet security service, the KGB,-who, from 1974, worked as a long-serving undercover agent for MI6 until his formal defection in 1985–recalled:

“KGB activity in Australasia was … increased as the result of the election of David Lange’s Labour government in New Zealand on an antinuclear programme in 1984…. The [KGB] Centre … was jubilant at Lange’s election….In its attempts to draw New Zealand into nuclear-free activities, the Soviet authorities had made tremendous efforts to penetrate and strengthen the Labour Party, partly through the local Party of Socialist Unity…and partly through the Trades Union Congress.”

Gordievsky alleged that New Zealand communists were being run by International Department of the CPSU. He said:

“I know the situation in New Zealand very well; only 500 members of the Socialist Unity Party, but they are invaluable because each was ready to do something. It was like the KGB had 500 agents in the country…Plus some of them penetrated the trade unions, and then they penetrated the left wing of the NZ Labour Party.”

SUP members studying at Lenin’s Institute For Higher Learning (aka the institute for Social Sciences) in Moscow during the early 1980s were drilled extensively by their Soviet tutors on the advantages that could accrue to the Soviet Union from the election of a Labour Government in New Zealand.

They instructed in the way to bring this about. A time honoured method practised by western communist parties for decades. The trick was to use New Zealand communists to make Soviet designed policies into Labour Party policies and consequently New Zealand law.

Step 1 New Zealand’s anti Nuclear policy’s were formulated in Moscow.
Step 2 SUP members were indoctrinated by their Soviet tutors and sent back to New Zealand to promote anti nuclearism through the peace movement, the unions and their secret members and sympathisers in the Labour Party. SUP members were to cite this “public groundswell” as a reason why Labour should adopt the SUP’s anti nuclear policies.
Step 3 Get the anti Nuclear policies adopted as official Labour Party policy.
Step 4 Keep SUP/union/peace movement pressure on the Labour government to ensure that the policies were passed into law.
Step 5 keep up the propaganda to achieve maximum public acceptance of Moscow’s policies.

By that time the SUP had substantial influence in Labour’s executive and policy council, so this process was not overly difficult. The Soviets were amazed at how easily their SUP minions were able to co-opt Labour to the anti-nuke cause.
By carefully playing all of its many strings in tune, the SUP was able to turn Soviet policy into Labour Party policy. By playing the patriotic and anti American cards, the SUP was able to bring large numbers of New Zealand voters on board.

Today, New Zealand’s anti nuclear policies are regarded by virtually all Kiwis as an indigenous response to US “warmongering” and Cold War MADness. Only the tiniest percentage would have any inkling at all of the Soviet origins of those policies.

That is the real “secret” of communism. it is the ability of communist or socialist parties to influence and infiltrate moderate leftist or liberal parties that they become the unknowing conduit for communist policies.

It has been done countless times-through the British, Australian and New Zealand labour parties, the French Socialist party, the German Social Democrats, the Canadian Liberals and of course the US Democratic Party.

Think Roosevelt’s “New Deal”. Think Johnson’s “Great Society.”

While the hundreds of spies in Roosevelt’s administration were a huge threat to US security, even more damaging were the legions of legal and illegal communists working through the government and the Democratic Party to move America left. Much of their work has never been undone. Much of it is now part of the American mainstream.

Move forward to the early 1990s.

The Soviet bloc has collapsed, the Communist Party USA is nearly extinct, the AFL-CIO is under anti-communist control. Nobody cares about Reds anymore.

Go to the late 1990s. John Sweeney is president of the AFL-CIO, he has joined Democratic Socialists of America, he has removed the bar on known communists holding office in his unions. The Communist Party is slowly growing, re-colonising the unions and is strengthening ties to Cuba and China. Democratic Socialists of America is working with both organisations, in the unions, in the peace movement and through the Democratic Party’s more than 50 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Move to now.

CPUSA, DSA and to a lesser extent the much smaller CCDS now control AFL-CIO and the peace movement leadership body United For Peace & Justice. They have huge influence in the now more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus and in the US Senate.

Add to that their members, secret members and sympathisers in countless state senates and mass organisations such as Jobs With Justice, American Rights at Work, USAction, ACORN etc etc etc and you start to get the picture.

US communists and their socialist allies are now in a better position to dictate Democratic Party policy than at any time since the 1930s.

This is what conservative and moderate Americans should fear. This is the REAL COMMUNIST THREAT.

If you want to know what the Democrats will push hardest in the next four years, read the Communist Party’s Peoples Weekly World and Political Affairs. Read DSA’s Democratic Left or CCDS’s Portside.

The agenda is all there. You know most of it already, you just don’t know where it came from.

The biggies include;

Single Payer or socialized health care-designed to make the middle class more state dependent and Democrat loyal.

Stop the Iraq war, preferably on terms as unfavorable as possible to long term US interests.

Unionize as many people as possible (without secret ballots), Get those union dues flowing into communist and Democrat coffers. Grow that army of loyal Democrat election campaigners.

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants, immigration reform-lock in millions of grateful new voters for the Democrats.

Normalise relations with Cuba-keep that dagger-at-the-heart-of-America alive with US tourist dollars.

The list is endless. US communists have been using this technique for years to win symbolic victories, even under the Republicans. Where do you think the idea for a postage stamp honoring secret communist Paul Robeson came from? Or for a holiday honoring iconic union leader Cesar Chavez? Who made these people “icons” in the first place?

The far left now has more influence in US society than since FDR’s time.

Their “progressive” allies now dominate Congress and are strong in the US Senate. As CPUSA boss Sam Webb recently told party leaders, they also have “a friend” in Barack Obama.

What are friends for, if not to help you get what you want?


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5 thoughts on “The Real “Secret” of American Communism

  1. There is only one group which has a chance to undo what has been done. It has already delayed the final outcome by many years, and will eventually turn it around. How soon depends on how many lend a hand.

    The only workable solution which I have ever found to the situation (and I’ve spent most of my life looking into this subject, as my parents, nice as they were, were socialists), are the solutions laid out by L. Ron Hubbard. They include groups using the technology developed by Hubbard, like: Applied Scholastics to fix the educational system, Narconon to handle drug addiction, Criminon to rehabilitate criminals (who are currently being released unrehabilitated after being further antagonized against society by the prison system), The Way to Happiness Campaign to introduce into society a moral code that all religions can agree to and follow, The Hubbard College to train people in the only management technology on Earth which actually works, the Campaign for Human Rights, to inform people about what those rights are, so that they can demand they be reinstated across the planet, CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) to eliminate the elements in society that started and continue the drug culture; Psychiatry and their little brother, psychology, both of which also introduce false data into society by the truck load as well. And then there is auditing and training which raise IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and ability on an express elevator, and put people into a condition where they can see clearly and act toward survival goals once again.

    Assistance to any one of those groups or services listed above will help not only you, but also help to ensure that we even have a future to look forward to. Things are moving at a very rapid pace now, and we don’t have much time. This would have been all over by now and there would have been no hope, if not for what we have done so far. But more help is needed. Lend a hand.

  2. Thanks vey much Highball. As you state, it isn’t just CPUSA and DSA that’s the problem, but the Gramsciists in the institutions as well.

    The US will eventually have to confront these problems or the rot will become irreparable.

    Same goes for NZ of , but we don’t have the responsibility of leading what’s left of the Free World.

  3. Do commies have milk in their coffee? Do they like hard boiled eggs? These and other questions need answers.

  4. Thank you for this post. I have been aware of this situation for years but your comments just nailed it to the wall. Just the other day I heard Tom Brokaw reply to another commentator about the destruction of the Left in the 70’s. All agreed. This is preposterous. They moved into education, government, law and media. It has all become sort of a Gramscian coup. The long march is continuing and America faces critical times if the subversion continues. The KGB defector Yuri Besmenov was quite candid about Soviet methods and the patience required to subvert a society. My country is at a crossroads. The financial bailouts portend further State interventions. It has been demoralized by critical pedagogy and critical legal theories. The attempt to break the cultural hegemony and insert Socialist ideology is ramping up in the media, entertainment and other forms of popular culture. Thanks again for your extraordinary persistence and clarity of purpose.

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