5 thoughts on “Goldwater "Extremism In Defence Of Liberty Is No Vice"

  1. The chant from 60’s and 70’s hippies was about freedom…when do we want it ? Now! But once the hippy generation gained power, surprise surprise FREEDOM was never mentioned. When did it become a dirty word ??

    “We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom.” Barry Goldwater, accepting the 1964 Republican presidential nomination.

    Freedom is a cause whose time has come again. It just takes one politician of conviction…

  2. Regards to you too Luis. Things look pretty bleak for freedom right now, but who knows what’s around the corner.

    Hope the Portugese winter is not too cold for a sun loving Braso!

  3. Trevor:
    Have a Happy New Year. I want to congratulate for all your hard work in 2008, perhaps one of the most important year of this century.

    Happy year could be only a figure of language because we all know that we’re going to face hard times ahead.
    But remember that when the going gets tough…
    Goldwater was a kind of conservative we couldnt find anymore..

    Best regards!

  4. Thanks Richard-if only all conservatives were as prrincipled as Barry Goldwater-what a different world we’d have.

  5. Amen to that, Trevor. Goldwater was a vastly under-rated man of great integrity, a champion of liberty who the left would like us to forget. Thanks for featuring him on your blog.

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