Unf%#k the World

Resistance is the youth wing of Australia’s largest Marxist-Leninist organisation, the . Their annual conference is this weekend in Sydney. Note the presence of a good Irish/Kiwi comrade in the speakers line up.

Unfuck the world!

Fighting for socialism in the 21st century

Sat July 8 – Mon July 10
Glebe Town Hall, 160 St John’s Road, Glebe, Sydney

No war! No racism!
Defend workers rights!
Solidarity with Venezuela and Latin America!

Hear from a representative of the Venezuelan Revolution!

Featuring international guests including:

Maria Rosa Jimenez, Frente Francisco de Miranda (Venezuela)

Hendrik Ervan Baldus, People’s Democratic Party & National Front of Papuan Students (Indonesia)

Joe Carolan, Unite organiser involved in Supersize My Pay campaign, Socialist Worker (New Zealand)

Come and join young activists from across Australia to discuss campaigns against war, racism and exploitation – and how to build the movement for “socialism in the 21st century“. The conference will help plan out how to organise young people to fight back against Howard, build solidarity with the Venezuelan revolution and help change the world.


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3 thoughts on “Unf%#k the World

  1. I mean this is like the Hadj for pointy-headed socialiats isn’t it?

    It’s just excahanging one religion for another!


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