Radicals Seduce the Young

Dave Mann posted this as a comment on my profile of Mark Eden.

Dave sums up how radical activism works by drawing young people into their networks through so called “respectable” groups like Greenpeace.

I have firsthand experience of the fact that there is an interlinking of membership, techniques and broad objectives between a huge range of activist groups in New Zealand.

If a person is, for example, an anti-GE activist, then they will almost inevitably at some time exchange intelligence, techniques and ideas with other groups like the Zapatistas, ‘peace’ groups or animal ‘rights’ organisations – most of which view our society as the enemy which must be attacked and overthrown.

This is how these people operate. Being an ‘activist’ doesn’t necessarily mean that you are exclusively committed to any particular cause per se. What it means is that you are angry and pissed off at the society you live in and want to change it to reflect your views about how it should be. The activist cell that you operate in is simply the means by which you feed your own sense of righteousness and get your metaphoric (and sometimes actual) rocks off.

If you read Scoop, Indymedia and any number of other radical sites, it should be glaringly apparent that tomorrow’s bombers, saboteurs and Tuhoe guerillas start off as today’s Greenpeace leaflet distributors outside your local New World.

I am shocked that Howard Broad’s bumbling politically correct plodders were entrusted with the task of checking up on these people instead of the SIS, under whose pervue this scene more properly belongs.

Right on!


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3 thoughts on “Radicals Seduce the Young

  1. I saw a lada car today in town and I knew communism was upon us. I asked the driver when he was heading up into Hindu Kush to do his terror training, he looked at me with a strange and obviously communist terrorist look of confusion.

  2. Yeah, one minute you’re handing out a leaflet about GE food, next thing you’ve converted to Islam and are in a training camp in Afghanistan. I’ve seen it many times.

    Newspapers and blogs are the real root of the problem though. People read about the world, it angries up the blood, and they head out to try and change things. Illiteracy is the only real safguard.

    More urgently – Trev! There were THREE comorants this morning! Scout’s honour. One was drying its wings and two more flew in and joined it. Further on there was a pied oystercatcher hanging around looking awkward and rather out of place – was that you?.


    Sam Buchanan

  3. “Are our spies seriously suggesting minimum wage workers and school kids working in fast-food restaurants were part of a budding al Qaeda network? My staff recall that Gilchrist inveigled his way into the union by boasting to impressionable teenagers on our picket lines how radical he was and how they needed to take more direct action to win their claims.”

    I can assure you that this and the other statements about Rob inciting people to take illegal direct action are completely true.

    It is the cops and the state that have been trying to make our movements appear violent so they have an excuse to sy on us and to diminish public support for our aims of a more just society.

    I personally believe in building a radical movement to end capitalism. I believe that getting violent or focusing on property destruction will not produce such a movement and will merely alienate the public.

    That is not to say that there are not struggles where violence is nessacary such as that being fought by the EZLN against the corrupt mexican government which has repealed land reforms and sold off the country to multinationals

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