Christchurch Anti Electoral Finance Bill March


Protest March Victoria Square to Cathedral Square

Wednesday 28 November 12.30. March starts 1.00pm.

Organiser of the Auckland and Wellington marches

John Boscawen will speak.
The last week has seen the most blatant display of political hypocrisy in the nation’s history. At a time when MPs have voted themselves more of your money to express their views, your right to express your own views will be gagged. If this Bill becomes law NZ will have the most restrictive electoral law in the western world.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission called the bill ‘inherently flawed’ and its provisions a ‘dramatic assault’ on the rights you cherish. Its call on the government to withdraw this bill has been ignored.

Its time to stand up and be counted!

Be there this Wednesday at Victoria Square by 12.30!

Authorised by

John Boscawen,

P.O. Box 42267, Orakei


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