Hal "Boots" Hel, Sees Hope In National/ACT Government

Many of my US readers, aghast at Obama’s victory, have enquired about conditions in New Zealand. Here’s a pretty good assessment from Australian commentator Hal Colebatch, writing in the American Spectator 13th November.

A Little Light in the South Pacific

In these trying times for conservatives it is worth noting a small gleam of light in the South Pacific. New Zealand’s far-left Labour government, led by the boot-faced anti-American ex-student radical Helen Clark, has been kicked out of office after nine destructive years.

With its national security taken care of by the U.S. and Australia, New Zealand under successive Labour administrations has felt itself free to abolish the combat arm of its Air Force, reduce its Navy (despite being a uniquely isolated island state in the middle of a vast ocean) to bathtub size, ban U.S. naval ship visits on the grounds that the U.S. Navy won’t say whether its ships have nuclear weapons or not, and generally wallow in political correctness. The political disasters of left-liberalism which have been seen elsewhere, and which will almost certainly be seen a great deal more in the U.S. now, were acted out in New Zealand with painstaking faithfulness…

Go Hal!

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