Student Leader Stirs Latino Revolt at UCLA

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Chilling video from a La Raza rally at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Sanchee High School history teacher Ron Gochez, winds up the crowd. This guy obviously wants to be Mayor of Los Angeles someday – just like fellow former MEChA leader Antonio Villaraigosa.


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7 thoughts on “Student Leader Stirs Latino Revolt at UCLA

  1. Here is info FROM THE SCENE of the Crime:

    And here is analysis:

    Los Angeles:Race Wars and Ethnic Cleansing
    Since December of 2005 when Roger McGrath first wrote this, Los Angeles managed to elect (twice) the execrable Tony Villaraigosa as Mayor (or" Alcalde" as he prefers to be called) and made life far more violent and difficult for all Los Angeles residents:

    My two-bedroom house near the Coliseum is worth about $100,000. A comparable house two doors away sold for $135,000 and the buyers put five immigrant families in it. A black family can’t pay that and can’t live like that. In the American culture, we have one family to a house. Each of my immigrant neighbors has seven or eight children, while we Americans have two or three. Before long, all these children are going to need a place of their own. Does a black homeowner have to put four families in the house and a fifth in the garage in order to survive? A for-sale sign in our neighborhood causes panic. We know who will get that house. There will be 20 to 30 people living in it, they will keep goats, they will grow corn in the front yard, they will hang their wash on the front fence. It’s a culture clash.
    Since the 1990s, the changes described by Anderson have intensified. The demographic statistics are startling…..( read the rest at:

  2. This guy, and every single one that will follow him is a useful idiot, and will be some of the first to be "removed" from the equation if things really get bad.

  3. If the USA continues to allows the bolshies to destroy it from within, it is very likely that we will see the country disintegrate in complete anarchy and violence (which is precisely the goal).
    Like Zimbabwe or, soon, South Africa…

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