Thanks for Kind Donations

I’ve been gratified to find some kind donations via the Paypal button-top right of blog.

Thankyou. I am very, very grateful.

Nothing encourages an avid researcher like myself more than a little financial appreciation.

Clearly my work on Obama is touching a chord.

More of this support and my next research trip to the US will be a lot sooner.

Please try sending something through PayPal yourself. It doesn’t hurt much and it sure makes my long suffering wife happy.

Thanks again.


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2 thoughts on “Thanks for Kind Donations

  1. Hey Trevor, I’ve sent a LOT of ppl to your site. Some reply to the top story only, and they’re not scrolling the WHOLE page. Can you maybe put the LIST of all of the Story’s you have here and put it at the top of the page? I think some ppl aren’t scrolling further than the first story.
    Many blessings pal! We’ll get you to the U S REALLY fast!

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