Maoists Attack VUWSA Stronghold

Apparently inspired by the success of their Maoist comrades in Nepal, New Zealand’s own “peoples liberation army”, the Workers Party are attempting to storm the Victoria University Wellington Students Association.

Current Maoist president Joel Cosgrove is finishing his term as Great Helmsman, but four sturdy comrades stand ready to run the Peoples Republic of Kelburn.

The four Workers Party comrades standing for VUWSA positions are

Jasmine Freemantle – President

Marika Pratley – General Exec

Sam Oldham – General Exec

Jonathon King – Publications Rep

Left Joel Cosgrove, Jonathon King, Jasmine Freemantle, Marika Pratley, right Sam Oldham

Jasmine Freemantle is an assistant Lecturer in Gender and Women’s Studies and is in her final year of a PhD in Gender and Women’s Studies.

In 2008 Jasmine introduced GEND209: Activism: Reform, Revolution and Dissent, a special topic paper which explores the role and representation of women activists and gendered critiques of activism.

If elected Jasmine Freemantle will be the third Workers Party president at VUWSA in four years.

This harks back to the ’70s and early ’80s when the Maoists and the Workers Communist League ran VUWSA almost uninterrupted for fifteen odd years.

Must be all those dopey young sons and daughters of bludging civil servants so common in Wellington.

2006 VUWSA president Nick Kelly has recently become president of the Wellington Tramways union, so the job is clearly a stepping stone to even greater arenas of revolutionary struggle.


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9 thoughts on “Maoists Attack VUWSA Stronghold

  1. Ah yes Trevor, being the daughter or son of one of ’em bluding, lazy civil servant makes you a dope-smoking Marxist.

    The irony of course is the style of logic you employ is Marxist. Your ‘class’ makes you who you are eh?

    All the funnier considering your previous post about why unionists and workers should vote for ACT.

    Kindest regards,

  2. “Must be all those dopey young sons and daughters of bludging civil servants so common in Wellington.”

    Snigger.. that’s good..

  3. You say “Maoists Attack VUWSA Stronghold”. Does not seem really much like an attack. Just standing for elections, much like any other political party does.

  4. “The Act goons campaigned last year and got trashed.”

    Not exactly. For ACT candidates to be getting between 25% and 35% at student level is pretty remarkable.

  5. Trevor, you realise that that’s a picture of a completely unrelated Workers Party (looks kinda like the Irish one, is it?) and none of the people you mentioned are present in it.

    Are you trying to joke, or have you finally gone completely insane?

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