A Measured Response?

A “measured” anonymous comment from Indymedia

This is a vicious, violent cowards attack and demands a measured response. I propose that monies be raised in cyberspace and anyplace in order to predict when exactly the police minister and PM will be permanently retired.

I also remind everyone that self-defense is a defense in law anywhere, anytime. There are heaps of stories over many years of FAKE COPS rousting, mugging, raping and even murdering ( especially in occupied Iraq and Palestine) unarmed civilians.
Should you be approached by anyone you suspect is posing as a police officer you should shoot first and ask questions later. If you survive being arrested later and make no admissions you may get off in court before a jury of your peers.

This is a tough one but nothing worth having was ever NOT fought hard for. We have the right to bear arms, defend ourselves and fair trials with natural justice after centuries of rule by bullies and PIGS. The Feudal system was A FUCKING POLICE STATE!
Fuck the democratic-socialist scum that always turn to fascism – we will bury you. You want the fucking dark ages back you better be careful what youse wish for.


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5 thoughts on “A Measured Response?

  1. national and act support new ‘terrorism’ laws and the use of the 2002 one. any comments trev?

    labour is introducing it – not a bit much state control for your liking?

  2. If they actual want individual freedom it comes from supporting parties like Act and National.

    But the left is full useful idiots.

  3. One anonymous comment from an irate idiot is hardly something to blog about…..

    Perhaps you could post thoughtful analysis about individual freedoms and the new terrorist legislation? One does not have to agree with people using weapons illegally to still have a problem with the new legislation which removes some of peoples fundamental rights.

  4. Thanks for the blog coverage Trevor.

    The radical left will act predictably. They will charge that law enforcement is fascist. The big question is how will the moderate left and Dear Leader react?

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