Using One Bad Law to Fight Another

Invercargill mayor Tim Shadbolt (and other local body politicians) can use one bad Labour Party law to fight another.

From Stephen Franks

Shadbolt’s council can help the defenders of free speech again later this year. The Electoral Finance Act exempts advertising on council owned land and buildings from the rules that deem rental to be incurred on hoarding sites even where they are free.

Accordingly billboards on council land will not use up the derisory expense allowances of third parties, parties and candidates.

Tim’s council, and others, could make their Town Hall frontages available for banners supporting candidates for free speech (the repeal of the Act).

Law changes in 2002 allowed local government become politically partisan if they want. Labour and the Greens liked the idea of “community representatives” spending ratepayers’ money on activism. Their arrogance assumed that it would favour them. Good job if they now rue powers of “general competence”.

Tim Shadbolt’s courage has always ornamented NZ politics. He said “bullshit” memorably more than 30 years ago. The left applauded his ‘free speech’ then. He’s been consistent. They were always hypocrites.


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2 thoughts on “Using One Bad Law to Fight Another

  1. Goodness Gracious Me ! Trevor Loudon, by implication at least, standing up for Good Old Tim !

    Hey Trev, did you “pull” your profile of Good Old Tim as a dangerous socialist “sleeper” just to accommodate the cheaply cynical endorsement by your better Stevie Franks, did you ?

    You fool no one Trev… to ask Stevie Boy about events in a certain hotel elevator in Moscow ? Yeah, it’d have to be twenty years plus ago I reckon. Ask him Trev…..

    Or that train that got stopped at a border for several hours somewhere west of there ? Wonder what he talked about with those “men” who took him off said train ?

    Talk about hypocrites Stevie ! You know in my experience it’s always the “convert” rightists who are the worst, and the most vicious, in regard to hypocrisy.

    Hope you were on the right side in relation to the “evil” Bradford legislation Stevie !

    Wonder if Trevvie’s got the balls to let this one on.

  2. not so, noam chomsky supports free speech regardless of whether they have his views or not (otherwise its not free speech).

    tims a good guy, still decent still causing trouble 🙂

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