Ecuador’s Correa Calls for Socialist Latin America

Despite downplaying socialism during his election campaign, Ecuador’s new president, Rafael Correa, is now quite open about where he wants to lead his country.

From Green Left Weekly
On January 15, Ecuador’s new president, Rafael Correa Delgado, was sworn in, promising to build “socialism of the 21st century” to overcome the poverty and instability of the small Andean country.

The previous day, Correa attended an indigenous inauguration ceremony in Zumbahua, the small Andean town where he did volunteer social work in his twenties. The presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia — Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales — were present as special guests.

The long night of neoliberalism is coming to an end”, said Correa, “A sovereign, dignified, just and socialist Latin America is beginning to rise.”

In a speech laced with the indigenous language Quichua and references to revolutionary figures Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara, Correa called for Latin American integration on the basis of cooperation and complementarity, and called on governments to create regional legislation to protect workers’ rights.


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2 thoughts on “Ecuador’s Correa Calls for Socialist Latin America

  1. You’d have thought that after their 20th century experiences with socialism, South Americans would know better. Apparently not. It’ll be back to the bad-old-days of debt defaults and coups.


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