Police To Prosecute Christchurch Father for "Assaulting" Son

The police are going after my old pool playing opponent Jimmy Mason.

This could have serious implications for Jimmy’s family as no doubt CYFS will become involved.

From this morning’s Christchurch Press

Professional musician Jimmy Mason has been charged with two counts of assaulting a child after an incident on the Bridge of Remembrance in central Christchurch last month.

The 49-year-old Christchurch man admitted to flicking his son’s ear to reprimand him for riding dangerously near a busy street on December 19 when he spoke to The Press in an article on January 14, in which he complained about the way the incident was handled by the police.

Inspector Gary Knowles, the central city area commander, said that charges arose as a result of a review of the evidence after speaking to a number of witnesses.

Knowles said now the matter is before the court, no further comment would be made.

Mason has been summonsed to appear in the Christchurch District Court on 12 February 2008.


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3 thoughts on “Police To Prosecute Christchurch Father for "Assaulting" Son

  1. The poster above misuses the term “child abuser”.

    What are we to call people who really abuse children if the PC brigade succeeds in having the word extended to cover behaviour covered by the recent Big Sister intrusive State laws.

    What about the open-slather abortion the PC brigade have imposed on us? It was going to be rare, and for special cases such as rape, incest, and severe risk to mothers’ help. Now it is merely a brutal form for birth control.

    Genocide of the unborn is okay, but mild physical punishment as used by all types of mammals is wrong? Yeah right.

  2. When you have city councillors that champion murder as a legitimate form of punishment for graffiti, the fact that their constituants are made up of neo nazis, act party members and child abusers shouldn’t be surprising

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