3 thoughts on “Labour’s Anti Free Speech Law Silences Website

  1. Name and address…..simple as that, as always

    Hells bells man! Simple genuflexion to liberty’s kryptonite? Simple!? What virtue in it being simplicity?

    He fought back as he was able, kissing his right to write what he pleased at his own expense goodbye, along with YOURS, at the last avaliable juncture the authority allows this side of a prosecution.

    Get on the right side of this. Your Greenies brought this.

  2. Oh…..my heart weeps for Poor Wee Martyr Andy. Welcome to the real world Bub…..

    Under the prior and uncontested law many, many, many people doing exactly what you’ve been doing DID meet the legal requirements. The world-wide-web didn’t exist then. It having subsequently become a massively influential medium the law was clearly due for update.

    Name and address…..simple as that, as always. I didn’t notice a massive influx of outraged Pakuranga zooming into Queen Street in the ticked-up HSVs zooming into Queen Street for big “demo” about the previous law. But then those demo-day-trippers don’t even know what the bloody law was, or is. Worse, they don’t care…..really. They just harden-up over their first “demo”. Wow !

    Anyway, what’s so special about you Little Mouthy Darling Andy…..Poor Muted Thing ? If you had any balls beyond being a show-off you wouldn’t have closed your website…..you’d have gone hard.

    So you’re on a trip and you got caught out…..fair enough, the trip AND the catch. But don’t paint yourself Joan of Arc Facile Wee Person…..wannabee Brightest and Best !

    You remind me of that wondrous creature “Tania” who marshalled the wanking middle class into Queen Street all those years ago…..nutting on about the “demonic” unions…..

    She sort of fell off into “Whatever Happened to What’s-Her-Name Land ?”

    Grow Up Andy Baby. It’s not your inalienable “right” to be listened to…..Shining Boy !

    Strange how every time we near an election the right (and now the pupa-right) slips back into a “Born To Rule” fantasy life.

    One thing’s for certain…..The Keyster is seduced, as was his predecessor, with grand, first past the post delusions. But mark my words…..it ain’t gonna work out that way.

    Look to Green (and Maori Party) for that.

    Kia Ora !

  3. meh, pretty anti-freedom of speech website that was, i got banned for wanting to discuss lowering the legal age for sex

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