Locke Slurs Security Service

Green Party MP Keith Locke reminds us of which side he’s on.

It’s important to celebrate our victories, and winning residency for Ahmed Zaoui was a big one – even if it was four years after the Refugee Status Appeals Authority had granted him refugee status. I have worked with Ahmed since he arrived in New Zealand in December 2002, so I am very happy he is now free and can live with his family here.

The Security Intelligence Service was disappointed it “lost” Mr Zaoui, because it needs some “terrorists” to stay a card carrying member of George Bush’s “war on terror”. That’s probably why the SIS was so happy to help the Police play up threat from “Maori radicals” and “violent anarchists”.

From the Green Party Magazine- Te Awa Issue 16 November ’07


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8 thoughts on “Locke Slurs Security Service

  1. So Serum,

    To cut your long story short.
    You mean to say:You do not favor the Green Party& you don’t trust politicians from the Islamic faith as they pose a threat to Britain …..I suggest you pursue unbiased information on those two subjects.

    PS Probably won’t find that on this site….If The ACT MP has his opportunities to lead the discussions.

    Mauri Ora

  2. Oh, dear. I hope that US blog habit of accusing everone who’s opinions you don’t like of drug use doesn’t catch on here. It only discredits the idiot making the accusation.

    Best regards in the hope of sensible discussions,

    – Sam Buchanan

  3. Yes, Locke hasn’t yet condemned the evidence that has been made public.

    However, his slur on the SIS is clear – they are unprofessional and just pursue people for foreign policy purposes, as if MFAT direct them, or the CIA does. What HAS he been smoking?

  4. Keith Locke once again confirms his extreme left wing position on the political spectrum, where these ideologues have, unwittingly or worse still knowingly, structured an unholy world wide alliance with those who support and succour a political Islamist agenda in their common hatred of liberalism and enlightenment. His endorsement of winning the NZ residency of a former politician and Islamic scholar of the Islamic Salvation Front, the party that was well on the way to introducing a theocracy in Algeria with the inevitable outcome of one vote one time and thus stamping out any pretence of democracy, only goes to show his overt support for this unholy alliance. Locke’s corrupted and corrosive views, on domestic and world strategies that have been necessarily implemented to resist an ever increasing momentum of Islamist Imperialism both in the East and the Western world, fails to recognise that this movement is not restricted only to a physical Jihad but also encompasses an intellectual Jihad that is showing signs especially in the UK and Europe after thirty years of persistency as having made inroads.

  5. If Communists were treated with the contempt their socialist Nazi blood-spilling brothers were Locke and many others would be hounded from society asap.

  6. Locke would never have reached Parliament if it weren’t for the Greens.

    His previous communist and quasi communist support groups could never have mustered more than 40 or so votes for him.

    I like the “Melon party” description of the Greens: green on the outside, red on the inside

  7. First up-there is no proof to my knowledge that the SIS were even involved.

    If they were involved what did they get wrong?

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