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I believe Tame Iti’s Tuhoe nationalist movement is modelled on Maoism and Mexico’s Maoist derived Zapatista revolutionary movement.

Zapatista supporters march, Mexico City, May Day 2001. Note Mao T-shirt, trademark Zapatista masks.

Tuhoe Hikoi to Parliament, November 2007


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13 thoughts on “Spot the Difference

  1. What’s with the masks? Reminds me of the Ku Klux Klan. Many US municipalities do not allow protesting with masks. The laws were put in place to fight hooded klansmen.

  2. Everyone is doing it, whats a parade without flags and dudes in clown suits?

    I note that all the so called “police terror sqaud” members wear masks as a matter of course. I think its time we stopped calling them “police” and call them what they are, thugs of the Quasi militia.


  3. when the police turn up and photograph everyone at a protest then use those photos to form profiles of you then wearing a mask becomes prudent.

    What the hell is up with your constant attacks on protesters loudon? Why no posts about the civil liberties violated by armed cops stopping everyone going into a town and photographing them. Or the civil liberties denied to people who had their land stolen in a clear breach of contract (or treaty)?

    The only reason I can think of is that your a racist prick who wants the cops to supress protest before it starts to have any affect.

    Anyway I look forward to some even handed libertarian posting around peoples right to protest free from the fear of state repression

  4. Masks are simply an acknowledment by these people that they don’t subscribe to the concept of a free society… same as the muslim women who go around in tents.

    Also, a mask is a symbol of anonymous violence and power… an outlaw logo.

    These people are protesting…. what exactly? They are not protesting anything – they are simply trying to intimidate.

    Will we allow ourselves to be intimidated? I think not.

  5. Yeah. There’s a difference alright.

    There’s more people.

    Choice !

    And you Fried of Amerika, you don’t live here, you don’t know, so enough of your alien perspective. Hoha ! Hard !

  6. “And you Fried of Amerika, you don’t live here, you don’t know,”
    Which is his good fortune,Steve.
    After all, he’d “know” all right if he came from Northland, wouldn’t he? How to live off the taxpayer, grow and deal dope, thieve from working people and generally behave like a lowlife thug, including bashing his own babies to death.
    I’ll take his “alien perspective” any day over your parasitical, braindead bong-fuelled drivel.

  7. Hey, KG, if you’ll promise me that you’ll write to the NZ Herald, saying that stuff about “Steve Nice Guy Northland”…..

    I’ll give you my name, date of birth, and address. I’ll even tell you how long is my schlong.

    Then you can identify “Steve Nice Guy Northland” as X of X born on X with a handsomely proportioned member.

    And then I will sue your cheap arse off but my statement of claim will take no issue with the schlong dimensions as long as you tell the 9″ truth !

    And that’s soft, like your head. I kid you not…..

    E Noho Ra…..Crusader Rabbit….. living some white trash thing that vaguely resembles a life out the back of Ozzie somewhere.

    Kia Ora !

  8. Sue? Don’t make me laugh, lowlife.
    You and your kind couldn’t get off the weed long enough to sign your own name, and even if you could, the taxpayer would have to fund your use of the courts you supposedly regard with such contempt–when it suits you, that is.
    If your
    “schlong” (interesting use of an American slang term there) is as big as you claim there’s an obvious explanation for that: it’s to match your donkey brain.
    You lot never yet invented anything original, you’re so dense you have to borrow your dress, your language and your ideology from others, never having had an original thought in your miserable unproductive lives.
    Unproductive, that is except for your mindless animal coupling that spawns more parasites, more victims of your primitive thuggery.Haven’t come far since your days of cannibalism and keeping slaves, have you?
    Bite my ass.

  9. Kg While i generally appreciate your comments, your last two cross the line.

    Two points

    a Steve is not Maori

    b This is an anti socialist blog, not an anti Maori blog.

    Please keep those points in mind when making future comments.

  10. I stole a bag of marbles from Woolworths when I was ten years old. I’m so ashamed. Then the kid next door won them off me. The PRICK!


  11. Thanks kg. You did really well.

    Now we know for certain what a psychotic racist you are.

    Sad, bleak, twisted person.

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