Anti EFB Rally in Auckland-Be There!

Leading ACT Party member John Boscawen is a leader of the campaign against Labour’s appalling Electoral Finance Bill.

The first protest march will be held in Auckland tomorrow.

From David Farrar’s KiwiBlog.

A big reminder to those in or near Auckland that John Boscawen had organised a march against the Electoral Finance Bill this Saturday 17 November from the Auckland Town Hall at 10.30am (assemble from 10am).

Remember that under the current version of the Electoral Finance Bill, such a protest march would be illegal next year unless one did statutory declarations for all the placards.

I don’t normally support marches, but I urge you to get involved in this one if you can.

Freedom of speech has never been so imperilled as from this Bill.

PS John Boscawen’s father Owen has just died, but John is carrying on.

John organised Rodney hide’s successful against all odds campaign in Epsom in 2005.

He is an awesome organiser and a true Kiwi patriot.

Condolences john and best of luck with the campaign.


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2 thoughts on “Anti EFB Rally in Auckland-Be There!

  1. I’ll be wearing my AOC shirt at the Wellington one. If you’re coming to it you can probably get Lukas to hook you up.

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