Left Anarchists and Crime

Left Anarchists don’t respect the law, or private poperty, or their opponent’s rights-that’s part of being an anarchist.

Being a true Left Anarchist means you must be prepared to commit crimes to further your cause.

I was reminded of this when I observed a certain animal rights activist demonstrating in support of those arrested in Monday’s anti “terrorist” swoop.

This anarchist allegedly runs a handy little earner around town.

He visits people selling furs and other animal derived products and suggests that if a large enough “donation” is made to the “cause“-in cash folding- the “donor’s” shop will be spared having a bunch of anarchists outside screaming anti fur/feather/meat slogans.

Apparently enough shop owners “donate” to the “cause” to keep this activist and his friends reasonably well funded.


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6 thoughts on “Left Anarchists and Crime

  1. Why should this nonsense be taken seriously if you are unprepared to fix a name to the person you are refering to?

  2. Your right Trev.
    Recent comments to your posts show some elevate fake animal rights over human rights, refuse to recognise property rights as a concept for human interaction, and reject persuasion as a means to advance change.
    Completely off topic, read today of the CTU’s plans to influence next election, would love to see analysis of the tactics.

  3. No technically it is not slander under the law if he/she did not produce a name, but it is irresponsible and immoral to smear members of a group based on nothing but hearsay. If what you say is true then it must be illegal, so why did you not go to the police? Probably because they would just arrest you for wasting their time.


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