3 thoughts on “Shariah Financing-Wall Street-Selling Our Souls for $$$

  1. Ironic, her message is "fear". not good IMO. The Muslim Canadian Congress is also against Sharia finance claiming it exploits the muslim community.
    "Islamic Banking is nothing more than an attempt by Islamists, with backing from Middle Eastern Financial Institutions and their Western partners, to scare Muslim Canadians into believing that they should pay more to the banks and demand less in return as an act of religiosity. "
    So, this lady is using "fear" to protect US creditors and MCC is trying to protect the (debtors) muslim community from predatory Islamists and Wall Street.
    Completely different message to a different audience, but the same result. They are both against it. Of course the Wall Street middle man cleans up.

  2. Wow is this video crap! For a moment there, I thought I was watching Fox News. This is not just misleading, this is lies. About 1% of what she is saying and offering as "proof" is true, the rest is a joke. We have the Constitution here in America, not Sharia law. Financial products based on Sharia Law simply put, follow this rule, No Usury, no high interest. This is fear mongering at it's best. If you believe this- you are being misled. I am a fat, white Christan American and I still believe in truth, justice and the American way…this video is all lies and unsubstantiated half truths. Don't believe it.

  3. If we don't wake up soon,we'll die in our sleep. The darkness and evil are thick enough feel.I feel it's time to get back to asking God to watch over us and help us in this deepening gloom.

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