Leftist Wreckers Seek to Stifle Free Trade

The radical left wants to ruin any hope of NZ securing a free trade deal with the US.

Here’s Auckland activist Omar Hamed sounding off on Indymedia

Between the 9th and the 11th of September, the Auckland War Memorial Museum will host the “United States New Zealand Partnership Forum“. The forum brings together representatives of the two countries as well as the people from various powerful US and NZ corporations. The aim of this forum is to tighten the links between the two nations; specifically by pushing for the signing of a neo-liberal free trade agreement. A coalition of groups is mobilising to disrupt the forum and let the planet know that OUR WORLD IS NOT FOR SALE.*

We are everywhere, the resistance to the USNZ Partnership Forum is just another battle in the fight for global justice that rages from Palestine to Tonga, and from the Phillipines to Mexico. Last year activists swamped Te Papa in Wellington and turned the annual weapons industry conference into a battlefield between protestors and police. We won that battle and never again will the weapons industry return to Te Papa. The industry now conducts its annual forum with the utmost secrecy lest they be hunted down by the multitude of peacemongers.

The weekend before the Partnership Forum, thousands of Australians will converge in Sydney to resist the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference. Workers in Aotearoa are winning industrial victories through militant picket line action and grassroots solidarity. During the hospital workers lockout just passed I helped turn away scabs outside Waitakere Hospital with locked out cleaners. At 5am in the dark and the rain we showed corporate power that when people are actively resisting in the streets, organising together and building solidarity between ourselves, we are unstoppable.

That’s why we need you to come to Auckland in September between the 9th and the 11th. The left in Aotearoa has a well established tradition of anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist direct action resistance. We want to continue this tradtions and build on it. Our ability to disrupt this Partnership Forum and show the government, each other and the world what we are capable of doing, depends on us being irrepressibly large, militant and woven tightly together with solidarity and hope, during the march on Monday September 10 at 12noon from Aotea Square to the Museum.


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11 thoughts on “Leftist Wreckers Seek to Stifle Free Trade

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  4. Anonymous says the US is considering a draft.

    NONSENSE! Nothing is more politically dead in the US than the draft. The only politician who advocates the draft is Democrat Charles Rangel of Harlem, NY. Rangel claims that blacks and minorities make up too large a portion of the armed forces and a draft is needed to race balance the military. When the draft was put up for a vote last year even Rangel voted against his own bill!

    The military is not having any problems recruiting despite media reports to the contrary. The military raises and lowers recruiting requirements to meet it’s goals. Recently they have lowered requirements to meet goals. Over the past 20 years they have greatly increased requirements for recruiting. And if they ever have problems recruiting all they have to do is raise the salary, benefits and enlistment bonuses and that problem will be solved.

    Don’t confuse a remark from a Bush aid for policy. The draft is a dead issue in the US.

  5. Cameron-you’re quite right that many of these so called “free trade” agreements fall well short of genuine free trade.

    However they are usually a step in the right direction, so should be supported.

    Steve-if nothing else, we’re at least both warriors supporters.

  6. Read today the US is considering the draft. Does anyone know if joining the US army makes a NZ’er eligible for a green card?

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  8. Really a free trade agreement with the USA isn’t free trade at all. The US provides huge subsidies to its corporations and also often refuses to remove all of its trade barriers under these so called ‘free trade agreements’. Australia’s FTA with the USA doesn’t provide access to the US dairy market for 18 years!

    I thought libertarians would oppose these “free trade agreements”, because they aren’t really free trade at all.

  9. Isn’t it interesting how these people favour ever-increasing global regimentation in the social and political sphere, yet are implacably opposed to the global extension of free markets.

    Socialists are haters of the freedom that free trade brings to people’s lives

  10. Oh great. These people are “too upset” when New Zealand has affiliations with the U.S., but they don’t complain about the New Zealand government being friendly toward the genocidal leaders of Iran who want to implement a second holocaust? What’s up with that?

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