S.A.P. 18 Dr Geraldene Peters

Dr Martin Hirst is far from the only socialist working in the Auckland University of Technology’s School of Communication Studies.

Our aspiring journalists have the choice several radicals to teach them how to bend history in the correct direction.

My latest Socialist Academic Profile looks at AUT Media Studies lecturer, Geraldene Peters.

Ms Peters graduated with a PhD from the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies at the Universityof Auckland in 2006, having written a thesis about radical left documentary in New Zealand.

In the 1990 Peters did undergraduate film study under socialist film lecturer Dr Russell Campbell at Victoria University, Wellington

In the 1998, Peters spent a year on the History of Consciousness graduate programme at the University of California, Santa Cruz. On the way back she stopped off in Cuba for a month.

In 2000 Peters was a founder of the NZ’s anarchist socialist internet media site, Indymedia.

That led in 2000 to organising, with the S11aotearoaNZ Collective, a series of Global Activism screenings at the UofA? – pretty successful by all accounts – we got numbers, and a range of people. “Showdown in Seattle” was of course the lynchpin screening. After helping organise, and videoing anti-WEF demos in Auckland one thing led to another with a group of us wanting to set up Aotearoa Indymedia. By early 2001 we hooked into a network of people from around the country wanting to do something similar, and the rest is …

In April 2002 Peters was involved in setting up the radical leftist Global Peace and Justice Auckland, with the likes of leftist priest Terry Dibble, lifelong socialist and activist Maire Leadbetter, former trotskyist Mike Treen, Marxist John Minto, leftist legal academic Jane Kelsey, Socialist Worker member Dave Colyer, Green activist Lynne Serpe, former Trotskyist and Alliance Party co-leader Len Richards and leftist academic Love Chile.

GPJA spawned the leftist journal, Red&Green, to which Peters is an occasional contributor.

In recent years Dr Peters has been teaching and designing courses at universities in New Zealand and the US. She has also written study guides for the NCEA media studies curriculum and written material for university adult education.

Dr Peter’s research interests include;

Documentary theory, practice and aesthetics; film, television and media studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand; realism and visual culture; radical/alternative media practices; cultural studies in Britain and Aotearoa/New Zealand; articulations of social power; political economies of production.

In recent years Dr Peters, like her colleague Dr Martin Hirst, has been close to the Trotskyists of Socialist Worker. She is currently an Auckland City Council candidate (Western Bays Ward)for the Socialist Worker front electoral alliance-Residents Action Movement.


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4 thoughts on “S.A.P. 18 Dr Geraldene Peters

  1. Isn’t Maire Leadbetter Green MP Keith Locke’s sister?
    But aren’t Auckland’s Trotskyists an intellectually bedraggled bunch of obsolete misfits?
    They are dinosaurs of political thought and action, with their dreams pinned on the ancient,decrepit Castro.

    AUT has become a dinosaur version of the fabled elephants’ graveyard, where the beasts went to die. The difference is that elephants are smart and lovable.

  2. Sounds like Dr G is a very motivated and clever person who gets out there and does stuff. I imagine the Dr also has an open mind as a PhD requires it. Unlike the fat sweaty blokes that lick walls around here.

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