Communist's "Current Alliance With Obama"

Carl Davidson (an occasional visitor to this site)is a leader of the (CCDS)-an offshoot of the Communist Party USA.

Carl’s favorite politicians are Barack Obama and Fidel Castro.

Carl worked closely with Barack Obama in Chicago in the 90s and early ’00s in the radical New Party and the in the anti Iraq War movement.

Here’s an interesting letter Carl wrote to the CPUSA’s latest People’s Weekly World.

Interesting because of Carl’s contention that Obama’s road to socialism will include allies from the world of big business.

Also for the claimed “current alliance with Obama” to “isolate and defeat the right“.

Carl’s words are not idle. CCDS and CPUSA can rightly claim a lot of credit for Obama’s election victory. Carl personally helped smooth the way for Obama’s ascent to the political peak.

Re “Obama, reform and role of left”:

I basically agree with this, save for a few nuances.
The left has a role as an active and militant minority, even as a large minority, on some issues. Getting out of Afghanistan is one. It has an educational role in helping minorities around a just cause become solid majorities.

I also have a problem with “anti-corporate.” I prefer to segment the business world along the “high road, low road” lines that are gaining wider use. One reason is that the “more advanced” structural reforms you mention can and will likely include high-road allies that are incorporated, even major ones. Low-road financial capital is the heart of the immediate problem.

But you’re right to target the far right and their unreconstructed neoliberal allies, while keeping clarity on our current alliance with Obama and other center-left forces to isolate and defeat the right.

Carl Davidson

Americans are dealing with a new left today.

A left that accepts that big business will be around for awhile and can be co-opted to the socialist cause.

A left that is not afraid to call the President of the united States of America its ally.


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9 thoughts on “Communist's "Current Alliance With Obama"

  1. Carl Davidson-"That doesn't stop us from fighting for the structural reforms like worker ownership of failed firms that can be a bridge to socialism, but that's another matter."

    Reforms? According to the US constitution those are not reforms. The only bridge to socialism you will build in the land of the free, my country, is the bridge you march across the Alantic on.
    Great site and much appreciated!
    Sincerly American Girl
    Let Freedom Ring

  2. Goodness, I wish I had one-tenth the influence you seem to think I have.

    But you still don’t quite get it. Our informal alliance is with Obama’s neoKeynesian public works efforts, like Green Jobs, and defending him against racist and other vicious attacks from the far right calling for armed rebellion against him–I kid you not.

    Socialism doesn’t figure in here, and Obama isn’t a socialist, never has been one and isn’t likely to become one.

    That doesn’t stop us from fighting for the structural reforms like worker ownership of failed firms that can be a bridge to socialism, but that’s another matter.

    We also want to see a transition to a green and clean energy economy. There’s no law of capitalism that says it has to burn carbon as its main or sole energy supply, and a number of ‘high road’ capitalists will both be our allies and do quite well for themselves in this arena. Someone has to make a buck from investing and building all those wind turbines.

    Our main enemies are the speculators gambling in derivatives, the polluters and the war profiteers, ie, ‘low road capital.’ You’re welcome to be THEIR defenders, if you like.

    So yes, hopefully the left has learned a few things over the years, and looks to the future.

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