Is It Cold In Here, Or Is It Just Me?

From People’s Daily Online

Will there be a new demarcation line to divide Europe?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has attended the Munich Conference on Security Policy this year, and his participation filled its host with elation and excitement.

But, instead of lavish and excessive praises he unleashed at it, Putin, nevertheless, lashed out at uni-polarity by the United States and the enlargement by the European Union (EU) and this is something its organizers had never expected.

In his speech at the conference on February 10, he criticized or slammed the U.S. for having overstepped its boundary line in the political, economic, security and other spheres, and said “there is only one uni-polar decision-making center and one military power center in the present uni-polar world.”

Instead of ensuring the security of the Europe, he acknowledged, the EU easternward enlargement is precisely a factor that causes to reduce the mutual trust. Then, he exclaimed, “our shared European continent” will have a new demarcation line.


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