Some Questions For My Readers

If the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, several members of cabinet and many caucus members had fascist backgrounds, would that be a matter of legitimate public interest?

If the government appointed dozens of “former” fascists to key government posts, would that be a matter of concern?

If the government was steadily implementing a fascist agenda, clearly drawn from the policies of fascist parties, should the public be informed?

If you answered yes to all three questions, would you answer the same if I substituted the phrase “Christian fundamentalist” for “fascist”?

It’s easy to see where I am leading here.

If I substituted the word Marxist, for fascist or Christian fundamentalist would you still answer yes to all three questions?

If not, why not?

Comments please.


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7 thoughts on “Some Questions For My Readers

  1. Hey Trev

    Who is Mr G?

    Oh my goodness at least you know who I am including MAH and Reid.

    HAM – Sue Murray – Huhana Apoplexia Murray …but MAH wants to stamp on me! Why?

    This is really frightening Trev!

    Night night Trev I am off to bed, hope I don’t have nightmares! Cos of Mr G!

    See ya

  2. Mr G Because you accused me of supporting causes which I have not-which I have also made very clear in past posts.

  3. “The idea that religion and politics don’t mix was invented by the Devil to keep Christians from running their own country “.(Rev Jerry Falwell r.i.p. His body finally caught up with his brain!)

    Pagan Paul(from Christchurch)

    PS; My range of atheist t-shirts are available on Trade Me. Would a heathen lie to you?

  4. I think if you insert “fascist” with “Communism” or “Islamist” or any other sort of totalitarian types to be in power, I do not think there’ll be much outrage.

    The “Communist” word being inserted instead of the “fascist” word, would make people turn a blind eye to the matter and people to bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich would. Why do Communists receive a different treatment than let’s say Fascists or Christian Fundelmanetalist would. I guess to these sort of people, some forms of totalitarianism are more acceptable than others.

  5. Sounds like you are alluding to the situation in Poland. Considering the great harm that was inflicted on Poland during 45 years of Communism, anyone connected with the Communist regime should be barred from all levels of political office, both elected and appointed. The ex-Commies should be forced to make it as an individual in a capitalist nation. Think of it as capitalist re-education.

    The Slavic world has a very different idea of what democracy is than the Anglosphere.

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