Irish Communists Support Unity Government

Sinn Fein, a Marxist Party, has joined with Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionists to form an historic unity government in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein’s friends in the Communist Party of Ireland have welcomed the move as a step on the road to a socialist Ireland.

From a March 27th statement by the Communist Party of Ireland.

The Communist Party of Ireland welcomes the decision to establish an Executive as a major step forward in building peace and reconciliation….

The Communist Party also declares that new, radical forms of representation and consultation with the people need to be developed that have the potential to open the path to a new, people-centred democracy and bring real substance to decisions affecting people’s lives, not just in the North but throughout Ireland….

With the re-establishment of the Executive it is crucial that alternative economic and social policies are developed and campaigned for by the labour movement…

A central plank of this process must be the development of an all-Ireland plan for the use, exploitation and development of our natural resources, under public ownership, to meet the needs of all our people.


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