Grant Morgan is a TRUTHOPHOBE!!!

Why is Grant Morgan so intent on warning us against Ian Wishart’s exposes on Islamic extremism?

The answer, in my opinion is simple.

Morgan is a Marxist-Leninist. Until recently he was leader of , NZ’s most influential Trotskyist group. Many members of SW, including Morgan, came to Trotskyism from the Stalinist Communist Party of NZ. RAM Residents Action Movement, is one of SW’s several front organisations. Others include Climaction, the Workers Charter Movement and the Solidarity Union.

NZ Socialist Worker is the sister party of the British . The SWP is plays a leadership the RESPECT electoral coalition. RESPECT also emcompasses Marxist rebel Labour MP George Galloway and several prominent radical Muslim leaders.

The SWP is a leading ally Islamic radicalism and it seems its local counterpart is little different.

The alliance of Marxism-Leninism and radical Islam is one of the great open secrets of our time.

The Marxists know they risk losing much support should their backing of the Islamic radicals become common knowledge. That is why they will attack people like Ian Wishart who dare expose the dark side of Islam.

Here is the list of those supporting Morgan’s statement. I have added comments about some of the signatories in bold. See if you can detect a pattern.

SIGNED (personal capacity):

GRANT MORGAN, organiser of RAM ­ Residents Action Movement (Auckland) Ex Communist party, Socialist Worker former leader
ROBYN HUGHES, RAM councillor on Auckland Regional Council (Manukau City electorate)Partner of Grant Morgan
BOB HARVEY, mayor of Waitakere City
Bishop RICHARD RANDERSON, dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell (Auckland)Leftist, peace activist
SU’A WILLIAM SIO, Manukau City councillor ­ Otara Ward Labour Party, former union organiser
PENNY HULSE, councillor on Waitakere City Council Formerly endorsed by the Alliance Party
Dr. JOHN HINCHCLIFF, Auckland City councillor and former vice-chancellor & president of Auckland University of Technology Former member of Socialist Unity Party front, NZ Council for World Peace
CHRISTINE ROSE, Rodney District representative on Auckland Regional Council
Dr. DAVID WILLIAMS, professor of law (Ranui) Longtime left wing activist
Reverend ANTHONY DANCER, social justice commissioner for the Anglican Church (Wellington)
BARRY WILSON, president of Auckland Council for Civil Liberties
JAVED KHAN, president of Federated Islamic Associations of New Zealand (Auckland)
SUE BRADFORD, Green MP (Auckland) Former member of the Workers Communist League, currently runs a Marxist based training school for activists at Wellsford
DAVID WONG, NZ Order of Merit, founding president of North Shore/Rodney Ethnic Council (Auckland)
PAUL G. BUCHANAN, international security analyst (Auckland)
Dr. JAMES LIU, deputy director of Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research (Wellington)
BILL COOKE, vice-president of NZ Association of Rationalists & Humanists and senior lecturer at School of Visual Arts, Manukau Institute of Technology
RAYMOND BRADLEY, emeritus professor of philosophy (Warkworth)
ROBERT WHITE, director of Centre for Peace Studies at University of Auckland
DAVID TUTTY, Auckland Catholic Justice & Peace Office Member of pro-left Philippines Solidarity Network Aotearoa
MATT McCARTEN, national secretary of Unite Workers Union (Auckland)Self proclaimed Marxist-Leninist
GUL ZAMAN, president of Auckland Indo-Fijian Association
HEATHER MACKAY, deputy chair of Pakuranga Community Board
ROGER FOWLER, QSM, manager of Mangere East Community Learning Centre (Auckland) Ex Communist Party, probable Socialist Worker member
MERE KEPA, transcultural educationalist (Auckland)
MUSTAFA FAROUK, vice-president of Federated Islamic Associations of New Zealand (Hamilton)
JOHN MINTO, spokesperson for Global Peace & Justice Auckland Marxist, close associate of Socialist Worker, Workers Charter Movement leader
CAMPBELL DUIGNAN, southern regional secretary of Service & Food Workers Union/Nga Ringa Tota (Dunedin) Former Workers Communist League supporter
HAIDER LONE, executive member of NZ Muslim Association (Auckland)
SHAUN DAVISON, regional chair of Post Primary Teachers Association (Whangarei)Workers Charter Movement supporter
Reverend MUA STRICKSON-PUA, chaplain, community worker & Pasifika development tutor (Auckland) Ex Polynesian Panther supporter, Green Party candidate 2005
OMAR FAHMY, president of New Zealand Sri Lanka Foundation (Auckland)
ANDREW CAMPBELL, campaigns director of Finsec, the finance workers union (Wellington)Formerly Alliance Party and Activism in Aotearoa
MARGO BAARS, co-ordinator of Human Rights Foundation Aotearoa (Auckland)
JIM MILLER, professor of Applied Language Studies & Linguistics at University of Auckland
NASREEN HANNIF, national representative of Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand (Auckland)
Reverend GILLIAN WATKIN, Methodist presbyter at Mt Eden (Auckland)
JUDITH McMORLAND, secretary of Action for Children & Youth in Aotearoa (Auckland)
ISRAR SHEIKH, general secretary of New Zealand Muslim Youth & Sports Association (Auckland)
Reverend BRUCE KEELY, co-president of Council of Christians & Muslims (Auckland)
JILL OVENS, northern regional secretary of Service & Food Workers Union/Nga Ringa Tota (Auckland) NZ/Cuba Friendship Society activist, former Alliance Party co-leader
MARION HANCOCK, director of The Peace Foundation (Auckland) Member of peace delegation to China in 1987Venerable
AMALA WRIGHTSON, spiritual director of Auckland Zen Centre and member of Auckland Interfaith Council
MOHAMED MOSES, secretary of Mt Roskill Islamic Trust (Auckland)
GIAMPIETRO FREN, representative of Italian community in Hamilton
JOAN BROCK, secretary of Council of Christians & Muslims (Auckland)
MAAN ALZAHER, organiser of Working Together Group (Auckland)
Sister CLARE O’CONNOR, Cenacle sister (Wellington)
HANNAH SPIERER, environmental affairs officer for Auckland University Students Association Green Party
JOE CAROLAN, secretary of Solidarity Union (Auckland) Socialist Worker
MAURICE WARD, professor at Faculty of Human & Environmental Studies, Kanto Gakuin University (Yokohama, Japan) Ex Communist Party, probable Socialist Worker sympathiser
ABDUL ELAH ARWANI, chair of South Pacific Mosque (Auckland)
Reverend STUART VOGEL, Presbyterian minister and Council of Christians & Muslims (Auckland) Official NZ/North Korea Society
SYD KEEPA, convenor of Council of Trade Unions Runanga Te Roopu Kaimahi Maori and apiha Maori for National Distribution Union (Auckland) self described Socialist Party of Aotearoa sympathiser
OLIVER WOODS, organiser of The Decembrists, a tertiary student social justice coalition (Auckland) Workers Charter Movement endorser
Reverend DENISE KELSALL, St Matthew-in-the-City (Auckland)
FIONA LOVATT-DAVIS, co-host of Kia Ora Show, Radio Watea (Auckland)
ANNE MOODY, Anglican priest, member of Third Order Society of St Francis (Auckland)
JULIA ESPINOZA, organiser for ClimAction, Auckland’s climate change coalition Socialist Worker front
ANILA KETAN, president of Auckland Muslim Girls Association
LEIGH COOKSON, director of Arena and co-convenor of GATT Watchdog (Christchurch)
MIKE WILLIAMS, trade unionist (Wellington) Formerly close to Socialist Unity Party
BERNIE HORNFECK, president of Rotorua People’s Advocacy Centre Ex communist Party, Socialist Worker member
CLIVE ASPIN, PhD, senior research fellow at University of Auckland
Reverend DON BORRIE (Porirua) Leader NZ/North Korea Society
LEN PARKER, co-chair of RAM ­ Residents Action Movement (Auckland) Ex Communist Party, Socialist Worker member
ROSEMARY ARNOUX, senior lecturer in French at University of Auckland
BAKER POSTELNIK, environmental activist (Kaiwaka)
ISMAIL WAJA, editor of Al Mujaddid Media (Auckland)
LUKE COXON, organiser for National Distribution Union (Auckland)Maoist, ex Radical Society
GERARD BURNS, Catholic priest at St Anne’s parish, Newtown (Wellington) Wellington Palestine Group, an extreme left anti Israel organisation
PAUL BRUCE, lead meteorologist at MetService NZ & co-ordinator of Latin American Solidarity Committee Aotearoa (Wellington) Longtime left activist, Green Party candidate
NUREDIN HASSAN, team manager of Muslim Students Association at Auckland University of Technology
Dr. LISA GUENTHER. senior lecturer in philosophy, University of Auckland
KYLE WEBSTER, West Coast representative on board of directors of NZ Nurses Organisation (Greymouth) Socialist Worker member
JIBRIL MUSSA, president of NZ Nejashi Trust (Auckland)
VAUGHAN GUNSON, artist and socialist (Whangarei) Socialist Worker member
CAMERON BROADHURST, Zen Society of Auckland
JANFRIE WAKIM, Palestine Human Rights Campaign (Auckland)
DAPHNE LAWLESS, editor of UNITY journal (Auckland) Socialist Worker member
Dr. MALCOLM BROWN, lecturer in sociology at University of Auckland
SHAWN TAN, organiser for Finsec, the finance sector workers union (Auckland) Green Party, anti-capitalist
TAHAE TAIT, Te Arawa iwi & spokesperson for Tait whanau in Rotorua Ex Communist Party, probable Socialist Worker member
JO McVEAGH, environmental activist (Auckland) Workers Charter endorser
SIMON OOSTERMAN, publicity officer for National Distribution Union (Auckland) Anarchist
MOHAMMAD THOMPSON, chair of Voice of Islam TV (Auckland)
PAT O’DEA, executive member of RAM ­ Residents Action Movement (Auckland) Ex Communist Party, Socialist Worker
DEAN PARKER, NZ Writers Guild (Auckland)Former British International Socialists, former NZ Socialist Unity Party, close to Socialist Worker, Irish republican supporter
Dr. HILARY CHUNG, lecturer at University of Auckland
JIM HUNT, Council of Christians & Muslims (Auckland)
MIKE TREEN, national director of Unite Workers Union (Auckland) Former Socialist Action League, Communist League, Alliance Party
AHMAD ESAU, teacher and founder of Aotearoa Islamic Impressions, an Islamic art group (Auckland)
DONNA GARDINER, Maori mother and grandmother (Auckland)
MALCOLM FRANCE, organiser for ClimAction, Auckland’s climate change coalition Socialist Worker front
OMAR HAMED, organiser of Students for Justice in Palestine (Auckland)Founder Radical Youth
JIM HOLDOM, social justice advocate (Hamilton) Has visited Palestine, Cuba and Nicaragua, on “left” of Labour Party, close to Socialist Party of Aotearoa
VALERIE JABIR, NZ Council of Christians & Muslims (Auckland)
DION MARTIN, organiser for National Distribution Union (Palmerston North) Alliance party, supports Philippines left activists
MOHAMED HASSAN, senior writer of e-newsletter NZDawa (Auckland)
PAUL MAUNDER, NZ Writers Guild (Blackball) Formerly close to the Workers Communist League, Cuba supporter
NIK JANIUREK, technical manager of Maidment Theatre (Auckland)
TAYYABA KHAN, peace activist and former president of Auckland Muslim Girls Association, winner of the Sonja Davies Peace Award in 2005
TOM BUCKLEY, organiser for Unite Workers Union (Auckland) Workers Charter endorser
MERYL ZOHRAB, Anglican priest and plunket nurse (Auckland)
TRACEY McINTOSH, senior lecturer in sociology at University of Auckland
EVA NAYLOR, peace & environmental activist (Wellington)
QUENTIN FINDLAY, education co-ordinator of Lincoln University Students Association (Canterbury) Socialist, Alliance Party activist
MEREDYDD BARRAR, spokesperson for Citizens Against Privatisation (Waitakere City)
CATHERINE BINDON, ex-organiser for National Distribution Union (Wellington)
DON POLLY, retired journalist (Paekakariki) Formerly close to the Workers Communist League
MOHAMED & FARHANA NALAR, Working Together Group (Auckland)
VALERIE MORSE, Peace Action Wellington
FELICITY PERRY, lecturer at Victoria University (Wellington)
ANJUM RAHMAN, Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand (Hamilton)
GRAEME YOUNG, ex-organiser of National Distribution Union (Christchurch) Ex Communist Party, probable Socialist Worker
CHRIS SULLIVAN, Catholic (Auckland)Former writer for Socialist Action League newspaper
LYN DOHERTY, Maori mother and grandmother (Auckland)
RICHARD KELLER, peace activist (Wellington)Longtime left activist
HEATHER LYALL, social worker (Auckland) Socialist Worker
ILIYAS DAUD, pharmacist and sports administrator at Ponsonby Soccer Club (Auckland)
DON ARCHER, delegate for Engineering, Printing & Manufacturing Union (Christchurch) Ex Communist party, Socialist Worker member
MADENEYAH GAMILDIEN, commodity trader (Auckland)
FRANCO MANAI, senior lecturer in Italian at University of Auckland
BILL ROSENBERG, researcher for Campaign Against Foreign Control in Aotearoa (Christchurch)Longtime left activist
GRANT BROOKES, delegate for NZ Nurses Organisation (Wellington) Socialist Worker member
NIBRAS KARDAMAN, marketing co-ordinator (Auckland)
SALLY McARA, PhD candidate and author (Auckland)
GARRICK MARTIN, mental health nurse (Wellington)
VICTOR BILLOT, national president of Alliance Party (Dunedin)
EMILY BAILEY, environmental & community worker (Wellington)
OMAR KHAMOUN, Wellington Palestine Group
GLYNNIS PARAHA, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, niece, aunt, grand-aunt & friend (Auckland)
AFIFA CHIDA, Bachelor of Design student (Auckland)
WARREN BREWER, secretary of Socialist Party of Aotearoa (Auckland)
TIM HOWARD, community worker (Whangarei) Workers Charter endorser. Supports Philippines leftist activists. Trustee of Sue Bradford’s marxist training school
JOHN POLKINGHORNE, undergraduate student in economics & chemistry (Auckland)


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48 thoughts on “Grant Morgan is a TRUTHOPHOBE!!!

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  2. EXOCET – i see your phone number and address is online.
    why do you act so tough? you arent when you are not online

  3. You’re simply a twat Janice.

    ’nuff said.

    I don’t propose to engage further with the intellectually challenged.

  4. Holy Crap Janice, that’s a seriously impressive screed.

    I didn’t read it cos it’s obvious crap but it looks cool.

    Well Done!


  5. Man, I thought I knew my own peeps, like my own crew, you know? Who knew that Speed Racer was a capitalist? One of us? Not me. Guess I’ll have to call him up and congratulate him.

    But man I know what you mean about that myspace crew eh. They’re like really dumb and not intellectuals like us. Man we can read Marx with the best of them. Me, I’m really into cutting down those Marxists from the early to middle 20th century because they have such an impact upon Joe Gay and Fanny Feminist of 2007.

    Just look at Mr Hegemony himself Gramsci. I mean he hung out with all of those 60s and 70s British kids (he was like a spectre, eh) and they just like kinda rejected the totality of the Marxist Super-Narrative, which I though was story about a caped crusader from the Soviet Union but was mistaken. He wrote about all kinds of stuff in his diaries: like electing a gay Italian President and making his wife a feminist. But thankfully our mates the fascists put him in jail for it.

    Then the rest of those dastardly Italians Marxists did some really evil things. They made movies. They made these movies that lefties love, called Italian Neo- Realist movies. And if you’ve seen them then you’ll know that they’re not really real but are about gays and feminists wandering around rural landscapes trying to convert those ravaged by war to become gays and feminists.

    That’s what Bicycle Thief is all about. This guy gets his bike stolen and it forces him to go looking for his bike and his wife gets really angry and he decides to become gay. His son sees his behaviour and becomes gay too.

    Then there’s the Leopard from the mid sixties. Everyone knows that the secret name for this movie is actually Leopard Skin Boxer shorts because of the gay undertones. The old Sicilian aristocracy is giving way to the new gay middle class…risorgomento my ass. Actually don’t you touch that!

    And then you’ve got your mid century feminist/ gay Marxists who clearly have too much of an impact upon society today. I met this feminist the other day and I said, “hey hairy legs, hows that Betty Friedan working out for ya?” And she said that she’d never really been that keen on her.

    “Likely story, hairy legs,” I replied, before she spouted off a bunch of other names I’d never heard of.

    She then advised me to go the some website called feministing.

    “Bugger that” I said, I know enough about you hairy legged faminists. I know your game, because I read about some Marxist feminist back in the 1950s.”

    I thought I was pretty clever, and I could see that she thought I was an intellectual of the highest regard. I showed her. Hairy legs.

  6. Interesting all these lo watt bulbs who appear generically unable to engage with serious issues.

    MySpace is full of similar [non] intellects and my suggestion is go post there.

  7. Janice’s post above completely fails to engage with any of my arguments, whilst using ridicule and sarcasm as a deflective tactic.

    Let’s consider some facts that expose her sophism for what it is.

    Lenin expanded Marx’s dialectical analysis from its early focus on economic relationships to take in social and political relationships, thus widening the role of the revolutionary as a change agent. The task of the revolutionary was now to identify and exploit pressure points for dialectical conflict, thus undermining the legitimacy of the existing social and political order, and hastening the eventual triumph of socialism.

    In the 1930s, Lenin devised a strategy for weakening and subverting democratic societies that changed the nature of revolutionary politics forever, while profoundly increasing the threat that revolutionaries posed.

    Until then, Communist parties in non-Communist countries had openly declared their anti-capitalist, anti-Western and anti-democratic agendas. They called for the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and advocated “civil war” in the western democracies to bring this about.

    Because most people in free societies remained unconvinced of the need for a violent socialist revolution, Communists remained a fringe minority with little political clout.

    In 1935, the Communist parties adopted a new tactic, which they dubbed the Popular Front. The agendas of the Popular Front were framed in terms of the fundamental values of the societies the Communists meant to destroy. In place of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” and “international civil war,” the Communists organised coalitions for “democracy, justice and peace.”

    Nothing changed in the philosophy and goals of the Communists, but by seemingly advocating “democracy, justice and peace” they were able to forge broad alliances with individuals and groups who had no inkling of their true agendas, or believed them to be less sinister and dangerous than they were.

    Communists initially selected as prime targets various racial, religious and national minorities, and intellectual groups that exerted a direct effect on public opinion. Working through the Popular Front they formed with “liberal” factions, the Communists were able to hide their conspiratorial activities, form “peace,” and “human rights” movements, and greatly increase their numbers by mobilising non-Communists to do their work for them. These are the people that Lenin referred to as “useful idiots.”

    Groups who can be helped by Communists to see that they are “marginalised” from capitalist society due to their race, gender, class and sexual preference have long proved particularly fertile ground for those looking to promote dialectical conflict.

    Marxist-Leninists, worldwide, have practised for decades a process of agitating amongst such groups in order to achieve social breakdown and eventual socialist control.

    This process was invented by Antonio Gramsci, the theoretician of Italian Communism.

    The notion that women and homosexuals are an oppressed group or class first gained broader currency through the efforts of university professors influenced by Gramsci, one of the many disreputable Communists enshrined as intellectual icons by the academic left.

    As an innovative Stalinist in the 1930s, Gramsci pondered the historic inability of Communist parties to mobilise workers to seize the means of production and overthrow the capitalist ruling classes. He saw that Western society, steeped in traditions of freedom and liberty, would never succumb to a frontal assault and its workers were too busy accumulating capital to be cannon fodder for a socialist revolution.

    Gramsci responded by expanding Marx’s ranks of the oppressed from the working classes alone to include other “marginalised groups” such as women, racial minorities and homosexuals. Due to the ideological supremacy of the existing powerful groups in society, said Gramsci, these groups lacked consciousness of their own oppression. By internalising the value systems and world views of the privileged groups, they had consented to their own marginalisation.

    For a revolutionary social transformation to occur, the revolution must therefore first take place at the level of consciousness. Gramsci saw intellectuals as having a key role in delegitimising and unmasking the dominant belief systems of the predominant groups to empower “marginalised groups.” He urged radicals to acquire “cultural hegemony” by which he meant capturing the institutions that produce society’s governing ideas. Helping “marginalised groups” to an awareness of their own class oppression would be the key to controlling and transforming the society itself. Universities were to be first-line political weapons in this “war of position.”

    Marxist intellectuals first slithered into the academy in the 1930s. They covertly increased their numbers over succeeding decades, and by the 1960s were a significant presence at universities throughout the Western world. After achieving critical mass in the liberal arts faculties, particularly those dealing with the study of society itself, they systematically excluded anyone holding viewpoints outside the leftist spectrum.

    Many academics now see themselves not primarily as educators, but as agents of an “adversary culture” at war with the world outside the university. Their agenda is to produce students who will go forth from the academy as “agents of social change,” committed to achieving “social justice” for the “marginalised groups” Gramsci had identified.

    For three decades students have been taught that rather than living in free societies, they are trapped in a wicked caste system of race, gender and sexuality crying out for revolutionary change. There are few, if any dissenting voices. Under the saturating drumbeat of this “cultural pessimism,” many intellectuals from “dominant groups” were induced to “switch sides” as Gramsci had envisaged.

    After their consciousness-raising by Marxist academics, intellectuals from “subordinate groups” and those from “dominant groups” induced to throw in their lot with the “oppressed” moved from the academy directly into government, the media, entertainment, the trade unions, the churches, the education system and other opinion-shaping activities or careers. Once there, they worked tirelessly to promote the Marxist-Leninist agenda. As a result, the values of a free society have been subjected to three decades of unrelenting attack from within.

    Two kinds of intellectuals have bought into this world view. The first is a numerically small hard-core left wing activist class that derives a sense of intellectual superiority from knowing it is manipulating the situation. The second consists of large numbers of passive enablers who have unwittingly embraced socialist doctrines, largely because their leftist professors ensured that they were never exposed to intellectual alternatives.

    Friedrich Hayek describes this second group as “the docile and gullible, who have no strong convictions of their own, but are prepared to accept a ready-made system of values if it is only drummed into them sufficiently loudly and often enough.” Having internalised the system of values on which their membership of “club virtue” depends, they have a strong emotional resistance to having it questioned. With people like these, you either agree with them, or you are racist, sexist, homophobic, uneducated, uninformed, or just plain stupid.

    US political columnist Joe Sobran uses the metaphor of a hive of bees, united by a kind of “group mind,” to describe the informal but nonetheless powerfully enforced dynamic of this “useful idiot” class. There’s no central direction as such, but the bees can sense an enemy, and know when to attack.

    Sobran says, “To become a bee in this hive is to surrender, voluntarily and eagerly, your own personality: to submerge the self in a collectivity; to prefer the buzzing cliché of the group to individual thought and expression; to take satisfaction in belonging and conforming to a powerful mass while punishing others for failure to conform … The similarity to an insect colony – where the individual exists only functionally, being both indistinguishable from and interchangeable with its fellows – is not superficial, it is of the essence. To be an insect is to be relieved of the burden of having a soul of your own.”

    Political scientist Eric Hoffer is another who provides a penetrating insight into the collectivist mentality. Hoffer saw that mass-movements are an outlet for people whose individual significance is miniscule in the eyes of the world and – more important – in their own eyes. He pointed out that the leaders of the Nazi movement were men whose artistic and intellectual aspirations were wholly frustrated, as were the Bolshevik leaders.

    Those drawn to collectivist ideologies are invariably people with a pressing need for self-inflation and ego-boosting (generally in the absence of any real claims in that direction). As Hoffer makes clear: “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim excellence for his nation, his religion, his race, or his holy cause.”

    People who are fulfilled in their own lives and careers are unlikely to be attracted to mass movements: “A man is likely to mind his own business when it worth minding,” Hoffer said. “When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

    In “The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State,” Engels wrote: “Within the family, man is the bourgeoisie, women and children the proletariat.”

    Hence the feminist presumption that family life is inherently oppressive to women and children is a world view derived directly from revolutionary Marxism.

    US feminist, Betty Friedan, whose book “The Feminine Mystique” kicked off contemporary feminism, has recently been exposed as a hard core Marxist-Leninist whose underlying agenda was to creat dialectical conflict between the traditional nuclear family and its male and female component parts.

    In a new book, “Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminine Mystique,” Smith College professor Daniel Horowitz establishes beyond doubt that the woman who has always presented herself as a typical suburban housewife until she began work on her groundbreaking book was in fact nothing of the kind.

    In fact, under her maiden name, Betty Goldstein, she was a political activist and professional propagandist for the Communist Left for a quarter of a century before the 1963 publication of “The Feminist Mystique” launched the modern women’s movement.

    Professor Horowitz documents that Friedan was from her college days, and until her mid-30s, a Marxist-Leninist, the political intimate of the leaders of America’s Cold War fifth column and for a time even the lover of a young Communist physicist working on atomic bomb projects in Berkeley’s radiation lab with J. Robert Oppenheimer.

    Her famous description of America’s suburban family household as “a comfortable concentration camp” in “The Feminine Mystique” therefore had more to do with her Marxist-Leninist hatred for America than with any of her actual experience as a housewife or mother. (Her husband, Carl, also a Marxist, once complained that his wife “was in the world during the whole marriage,” had a full-time maid and “seldom was a wife and a mother”).

    The person most responsible for bringing “gay rights” to the forefront of Western social discourse is an obscure American “civil rights” campaigner named Harry Hay. In the 1930s, Hay renounced his family’s privileged social status to become a Marxist-Leninist stirrer. He married a political colleague; the couple adopted two children and for years worked together to advance the Communist cause in various parts of America. Throughout his youth and marriage, Harry Hay fought a homosexual sexual preference. By 1950, he had abandoned his wife and children to fully embrace a homosexual lifestyle.

    In the 1940s and 1950s, the Communist Party of the U.S.A. (of which Hay and several gay friends were members) frowned on homosexuality in Marxist-Leninist ranks. But Hay and his friends remained unconvinced that their sexual preference necessarily represented a liability to the advancement of socialism.

    Hay had read Gramsci. He had also read Alfred Kinsey’s groundbreaking “Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male” (1948) and been struck by Kinsey’s finding (based on a sample space deliberately skewed in order to ‘normalise’ the author’s own homosexuality) that around 10% of men Kinsey surveyed had been “exclusively homosexual” for at least some significant part of their lives.

    If Kinsey’s 10% figure was even close to accurate, Hay reasoned, homosexuals must represent a large and significant group that could be mobilised to advance the socialist cause. Hay soon concluded that the general public’s sympathy could be aroused for gay people if homosexuals were painted as yet another “oppressed minority” in need of liberation and government advocacy.

    In 1950, Hay and a number of fellow Marxist-Leninist sodomite intellectuals founded the Mattachine Society, America’s first “homosexual activist” organization. Its ostensible goals were to educate the public about homosexuality and work for the repeal of the (at that time) 48 States’ so-called “sodomy laws” (which viewed homosexual behaviour as a criminal offence).

    Capitalising on still-unsevered social connections, Hay and his fellow Mattachines traversed America addressing various audiences and spread their views still further through an ever-widening circle of influential publications. Inspired by the Mattachines, several lesbian intellectuals founded a “sister” organization, the Daughters of Bilitis, in 1955.

    In line with Marxist-Leninist “Popular Front” doctrine, Harry Hay’s claim that homosexuals were both a sexual and a political “minority” welded together sexuality and politics. With constant repetition, Hay’s propaganda claim — “homosexuals are an oppressed minority” — has come to resonate strongly with many “useful idiots” concerned with minority “civil rights.”

    But “civil rights” is just a fish hook to attract the support of respectable people, who are then persuaded that the social suffering of homosexuals can be alleviated only by the radical social change gay activists are demanding.

    Gay activists regard legal recognition of same-sex partners as the first step in securing gay marriage and adoption rights, thus relegating heterosexual marriage to just another lifestyle option among many. Publications meant for a homosexual readership today openly state that the gay activist agenda is to subvert and destroy heterosexual marriage.

    Behind this push is the Marxist-Leninist propaganda claim that the formative family normalises heterosexual relations, thus marginalising alternative sexualities.

    Gay activists and radical feminists (whether they know it or not) are being used as a cat’s-paw to advance the Marxist-Leninist agenda of eradicating the formative family as the basic building block of civil society.

    Gay activism and radical feminism are thus highly dangerous to the established social order. If gay activist and radical feminist demands are met, the Marxist anti-family agenda moves a step closer to completion.

  8. Anon is right of course.
    The gays and feminists are part of a larger team.
    When they’re not playing softball every second Sunday and hitting the skate ramps on Wednesday nights, they’re tirelessly sweating over the Communist Manifesto and thinking of ways to bring down the system.
    Indeed, when gays and lesbians are young they are taken out of class by this skater woman with short hair and some guy with a Kylie T-shirt and taught about Marx.
    But none of that namby pamby academic drivel regarding that superstructure nonsense.
    No, all of the feminists and gays are taught the hardcore Leninist crap because they want immediate revolution.
    I saw this happen when I was a kid.
    So, all of these kids are taken to this room where they learn the Communist Manifesto word for word and from then on begin to hate hetero-normativity (one of the first words they learn).
    I know what you’re thinking, “but those guys on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy are so nice to straight guys, and they’re capitalists” or “my sister’s a feminist and she has two beautiful kids with her handsome husband, how could that be?”
    Well, they were saved by another book, and that book is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

    The thing with this is that all serious Fems and Gays hate this book, and every Wednesday, after skating the ramp, they ritually burn hundreds of copies and dance around singing the famous song, “Marx and Engels, show us yer Jingles.”
    I’m not sure what the jingles is but I think we can figure it out.

    Oh and as for those Muslims (yes I’m talking about all of them!) well, they’re not content just sitting wherever they are in peace with the Western World (we leave them be and they just want to start fights).
    They, like the gays and fems, want to bring down the established order of Western Civilisation because they want to bring down everything that’s normal.
    Muslims don’t like normal, they prefer abnormal.
    Same with the gays and fems. Whatever’s normal, they don’t like it.

  9. As I have pointed out before, understanding the core Marxist-Leninist doctrine of dialectical materialism is the key to the Marxist-Leninist -Islamist marriage of convenience.

    Karl Marx married Darwin’s theory of evolution to Hegel’s dialectical materialism. Thus, Marxist-Leninists believe human society is evolving “upwards” toward its highest and best form of socio-political organisation, Communism.

    This evolution occurs through a “struggle of opposites.” Here, an existing social condition (thesis) comes into conflict with a new, higher social condition that is attempting to emerge (anti-thesis). Out of this dialectical conflict comes a new, higher, social condition (synthesis) which becomes the new thesis. This is then put through the process again and again until full Communism is achieved.

    While Marxist-Leninists regard this to some extent a natural inexorable process, they are never averse to helping it along wherever possible.

    Thus, the task of the revolutionary is to identify groups with a grievance against the existing social and political order, and to work covertly with those groups to bring them into dialectical conflict with the status quo.

    Some examples include minority ethnic groups versus wider society, women versus men, gays versus straights, and “peace” activists versus “imperialist warmongers.”

    The three main road blocks for someone looking to destroy Judeo-Christian culture and the free market capitalism which flows from it are private property (which provides material independence from state power), the family (which provides for a loyalty above that to the state), and Christianity (which provides for an external source of morality above that of the state).

    Using the above examples, encouraging tribalism and collectivism attacks the legitmacy of private property rights and the traditional nuclear family.

    Encouraging radical feminist aspirations creates inter-gender conflict and undermines the traditional nuclear family and discredits Christianity as the moral underpinning for “oppressive” traditional family structures.

    Encouraging radical gay activism brings about conflict between traditional standards of sexual morality, slams the traditional nuclear family for its “hetero-normality” and marginalisation of alternative sexual behaviours, and attacks Christianity for being “bigoted” and “out of touch.”

    “Peace” movements discredit the attempts of free societies to defend themselves against the onslaught of various forms of totalitarianism. They misdirect the idealism of young people against their own societies. Attempts by the state to defend itself against the often violent actions of protest groups are invariably characterised as acts of “fascist repression” thus further trashing the legitimacy of the existing social order in the eyes of growing numbers of people.

    Radical egalitarianism always needs an elite to run it. Its adherents inevitably imagine that they will be part of that elite.

    Marxist-Leninism is a totalitarian movement opposed to freedom, capitalism and the Judeo-Christian world view. It seeks to usher in a secular, totalitarian world order. In this police state you do what you’re told by the “know betters” or you get shot.

    Islamo-fascism is another totalitarian movement opposed to freedom, capitalism and the Judeo-Christian world view. It seeks to usher in a totalitarian one world religious theocracy in which you worship the way you’re told or you get shot.

    If your goal is a one world socialist police state, you can march a long way beside those whose goal is a one world religious theocracy before you must part company.

    Islamo-fascism is being mobilised by Marxist-Leninists into dialectical conflict against Judeo-Christian culture, free market capitalism, and the US and Israel as bastions of those socio-political ideas.

    Once you understand Marxist-Leninist tactics the tie-in with radical Islam is easy to comprehend.

    The Marxist-Leninist agenda in shilling for Islamists is to set up a growing node for socially undermining dialectical conflict between Islam and the wider culture, that Marxist-Leninists can take political advantage of.

  10. Quote letter signed by

    The mayor of Waitakere City.
    * Five regional and city councillors.
    * Many religious leaders from Christian, Muslim and other faiths.
    * Top academics and lawyers.
    * Senior trade union officials.
    * Representatives of Maori and ethnic groups.
    * Other leaders in the community.

    I wonder what else you would have to do to assemble a similar group of no-hopers, deadbeats, bruisers, cruisers and all three-time losers?

  11. Sounds cool Anon. We’re a long way from knowing who the winning team is but we’ll get there. We just need some teams. Can I be Christian Slater? You can be Tony Hawk, which is kinda cooler, but I’ll let you have him, even though you’re driving a Lada. Occasionally, you can jump out of the Lada and skate a halfpipe. We’re going to out-team the other teams!

  12. “More of the one rule for you, another for everybody else. You truly are congenitally childish and immature!”

    Coming from someone who attacked me as being part of the “insane Reich”, a “holocaust Nazi”, a “Fascist”, a “Nazi”, a “crazied zealot”, “Skylock”, etc. These are signs of maturity. Not.

  13. What’s this talk of “going after people” Mah? Sounds vaguely threatening to me. Strange considering that’s the accusation you screech at me, quite falsely of course. The Chickenhawk disease – “I think, therefore it is!”

    More of the one rule for you, another for everybody else. You truly are congenitally childish and immature!

  14. I want to be on the winning team and get a supercharged Larda with wide wheels. Talk about being the King of Cool.


  15. It’s true. Muslims and Lefties have teamed up, to form all kinds of teams. This is the thing with lefties, and Muslims; they just love sports and getting teams together and just forming teams. All of these teams are extremist (extreme teams!)because a few of the guys want to get radical (think Gleaming the Cube, or Trashin’), and we all know that it’s hard to not get get pulled into the radical speher when your radical buddies, the guys on your team, are into it. So, Trevor and Berendt are right. All of these people are connected and are part of teams. They team up! It’s incredible. What we on the right need to do is to get some teams happening. I’ve noticed that people on the left tend to hang out with other people on the left, which came a shock to me, especially when Trevor pointed it out. All those names. Wow, they really are lefties, I thought.

  16. “It seems to take an almost sexual pleasure in taunting you. Your arguments are useless against such people.”

    I will only make an effort to go after these sort of people Exocet when they make unfair personal attacks against me. I just can’t stand down on that. Perhaps one day these people will go too far and pick on the wrong person and may have to rethink their ideology from then on.

  17. I wouldn’t reply to HAM, MAH.

    It seems to take an almost sexual pleasure in taunting you. Your arguments are useless against such people.

    Quite sad really.


  18. Dear MAH

    Never heard that one before. Is English your second language??? Isn’t it time you went to bed?

    Spot ya and sleep well.


  19. Tell me HAM, why isn’t Ward Churchill canned for his “Little Eichmann” comments? How about Cindy Sheehan referring President Bush to be a “terrorist”, giving a bear hug to Hugo Chavez? Shouldn’t Harry Belafonte apologize to Condi Rice as “not being black enough” as she has joined the anti-Imus crowd in this episode?

  20. “As you say “typical” … of people like you. And most of the people who have posted here!”

    Can’t I apply that term to David Duke for being a propaganda puppet for Iran? How about the Communist Party USA or the Revolutionary Communist Party USA going against Imus when they supported the rise of Communist Vietnam or travel to virtual police states?

    Is John Kerry, the far left 2004 Democratic candidate a “racist” since he has joined to defend Imus? How do you feel about Barack Obama comparing Imus to the Virginia Tech massacre? That’s not out of line?

  21. “How on earth can you use the term “nappy-headed ho” in a non-racial manner? Next you’ll be telling me you can use the term “slanty-eyed chink” in a non-racial manner.”

    I mention some examples of using that term against Joseph Goebbels with Hitler or Justin Raimondo with Putin. How about those holocaust deniers who traveled to Iran last year or so? Are they not Iran’s nappy-headed hos?

  22. Just had a call from Bob Harvey – he’s really, really paining about Shout Above The Nose calling him a dickhead (refer Post Number One – the spot normally reserved for My Mate Mah In Amerikah – apologies to Trini Lopez – God I’m Old!).

    Let it be known: Dear Old Bob Is Not A Dickhead! He’s The Head Dick. Or the Head Of The Dick, or something like that. Let’s settle for Head Dick. Trev might tell me off otherwise.

    Sort of like a prefect in one our wonderful NCEA enriched high schools.

    For the benefit of our “off-shore” chums/comrades, sort of like a sorority leader at Whitest Rightist Crawford TX High.

    Bedtime now. Greenwich + 12.

    Ka Kite Apopo…..

    PS: Good to see HAM back in the roll (of things). How was rendition/detention Kare? No post-traumatic disorder, compound fractures? Oh, excellent. You a very lucky fulla! Imagine if “HAM” were an acronym for “Hamid Ahjid Mohammed”. Bad News That Would Be! Oh Yes!

  23. Dear MAH
    “nappy-headed hos” …that is racist……

    As you say “typical” … of people like you. And most of the people who have posted here!


  24. shout, good question. Muslims and lefties have teamed up all over the world. my guess is a common enemy, or a common master.

    At first glance they don’t seem to have a lot in common, but somehow they must do, as both in Europe and the US radical muslims supports the lefties and vice versa.

  25. This sad collection of far left secularists & atheists must defend radical Islam because it confirms their bigoted view of religion.

    And they hate Christianity because it does not.

  26. How on earth can you use the term “nappy-headed ho” in a non-racial manner? Next you’ll be telling me you can use the term “slanty-eyed chink” in a non-racial manner.

  27. “Are you sure muslims aren’t “nappy-headed hos”, Mah? Or maybe that should be towel-headed hos.”

    Anonymous, please don’t start with me. I only use that term in a non-racial/non-sexist manner. Can’t I use that term to describe what Joseph Goebbels was to Adolf Hitler? How about Justin Raimondo parroting propaganda for Putin?

    Muslims are not a race as Europeans can be converted to Islam quite similar how Arabs can be Christian. All you are doing is making irrelevant claims that go no where.

  28. “Muslims are not part of any race as Christians or Jews are not part of any race.”

    Are you sure muslims aren’t “nappy-headed hos”, Mah? Or maybe that should be towel-headed hos.

  29. Muslims are not part of any race as Christians or Jews are not part of any race.

    Arabs perhaps, but Muslims can be any skin color akin to a Christian, Jew or what other sort of religions people adhere to.

  30. Well no Islam is not an ethnicity, but most of the people who adhere to it are not white folks. It’s pretty simple really. So, ethnically and culturally, Islam presents and represents a different way of life in NZ. One that doesn’t have anything to do with watties tomato sauce, or ASB securities, or the family health diary, or zoot, or whatever. So, yes, I think it’s just bascially about opposing the extreme generalisation and stereotyping of a growing community in NZ. I don’t really see where the radical connection is though with regard to all of these leninists and trotskyites and stalinists and maoists, etc.

  31. Muslims are adherents to a particular religious belief, not a race.

    So once again, why do secular commies care about a religion ?

  32. might have something to do with opposing the broad stereotyping of tens of thousands of adherents of a religion in NZ as terrorists and extremists.

  33. I see that dickhead Bob Harvey is in there as well – he’s as pink as they come obviously (Spend more time trying to balance the books in Waitakere Bob).

    Question is, why do these secular commies seem so keen to support a religion ? Or do they ultimately believe that Muslims will soon abandon their religious beliefs and embrace the wider socialist polity ?

    Fat chance !

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