Obama's Church: It's Hidden Ties to Black Extremism and Communism Part 2

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By Max Friedman

Since Obama officially joined the UCC about 1988 (though his first contact with Wright was in 1985), we have to look at what the Reverend and his church have been doing ever since. While some of the Church’s newsletters are not available on their website, other information about their activities do appear in the websites of black reparationists and in a black Marxist publication.

As was mentioned in Kincaid’s piece, in 1998, Rev. Wright was a panelist during a conference held by the avowedly marxist, anti-imperialist “Black Radical Congress.” In fact, this information was listed in “The Black Scholar” magazine (Journal of Black Studies and Research), Vol. 28, No. 3/4, Fall/Winter 1998 and was found in the section ” Black Radical Congress: Summary of Workshop Sessions June 19-21, 1998, University of Illinois at Chicago”.

Others on this panel entitled “Faith as a Weapon: Spirituality and the Role of the Church in the Radical Movement” were also from the far-left and included well known leftist (Prof.) Michael Eric Dyson, marxist Prof. Cornel West, and CPUSA supporter Kevin Tyson (coordinator).

Obama supporters and DSA members Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson

In fact, many of the participants were actual co-founders of the BRC included Alkalimat, Bill Fletcher Jr (DSA), Manning Marable (DSA/COC), Cornel West (DSA), and Ahmed Obafemi (chairman, National Committe to Defend the New Afrikan Freedom Fighters – see next paragraph). Groups that helped to found the BRC included the New Afrikan People’s Organization (NAPO), Black Workers for Justice, The Labor Party, the Communist Party USA, its split-off faction the Committees of Correspondence (COC), the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, African American Agenda 2000, and the Chicago Ida B. Wells Forum. The only way to describe these groups would be marxist, communist, and/or black extremist. The NAACP and the Urban League were no where to be found, and wisely so. [See: “Obama File 34 Black Radicals for Obama“, 10/04/08, by the incredible research/writer Trevor Loudon of New Zealand].

[The Nov. 16, 1984 issue of “Information Digest” featured two major articles on the New Afrikan Freedom Fighters (NAFF) and the “New Afrikan People’s Organization (NAPO). The NAFF was described as the “military arm of the Republic of New Afrika”, while the NAPO was described as a group supporting the RNA, BLA, the Weather Underground and its front, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee (JBAKC). “NAPO’s national secretary is one Akinyele Ujoma”. Ujoma was listed as a signer of “A Call to Act to Prevent World War III: April 29 (1985)” created by the marxist united front known as “No Business As Usual” (NBAU) among other causes.

ID reproduced the NAPO’s “statement of principles” which included the
following: “NAPO is fully committed to the building of a sovereign socialist Black nation – the Republic of New Afrika. NAPO, along with other forces in the New Afrikan Independence Movement, sees what is presently known as Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina … s the national territory of the Black nation (New Afrika), and sees to build a national liberation movement to free the land by any means necessary.”

The FBI has also characterized the RNA as a violent, terrorist group, especially for its involvement in the deadly October 1981 Brinks robbery and killings in Nyack, NY. A detailed report on the RNA was featured in the March 18, 1983 issue of “Information Digest, which listed its key members, fronts, and relationships to other marxist and/or black extremist organizations The first “president” of the RNA was Maoist criminal Robert F. Williams, formerly of RAM ].

Many of the BRC’s “Sessions” moderators and panelists were from the Communist Party (CPUSA), which constituted the largest organized group at this affair, while other participants had been active members of such diverse older marxist fronts and radical groups such as “The Guardian” newspaper, American Committee on Africa, National Lawyers Guild, Democratic Socialists of America, and Institute for Policy Studies.

Many people held multiple memberships in these and other groups interrelated groups and projects including the Reparations Coordinating Committee including Johnnetta Cole, Cornel West, Ronald Walters, and Randall Robinson, the leader of the marxist terrorist support group known as “Transafrica” whose successor leader Bill Fletcher Jr., was a co-founder of Progressives for Obama with Tom Hayden (SDS, Mr. Hanoi), castroite Danny Glover, and marxist Barbara Ehrenreich who poses as a “socialist.”

The sponsoring Black Radical Congress/”The Black Scholar” magazine had a list of “Contributng and Advisory Editors” who came from such marxist, far-left groups or black enthnocentric movements as the CPUSA and its split off, the Committee of Correspondence (for Democracy & Socialism), Venceremos Brigade (a CPUSA/SDS founded Cuban support group), US, Republic of New Afrika (a Maoist-oriented black extremist group with a history of armed violence), and some of the early leaders of the “Black Power” movement.

The BRC has served as a nexus of many black marxist and black racist/ethnocentric organizations as will be seen below, as have a few other reparations groups. This interlocking web of extremists must be viewed in its entirety in order to understand how it provides a nationwide structure in which individuals and groups can move, recruit, raise money, lobby legislative organizations, and propagandize, often right under the nose of unsuspecting moderates, including many churches.

For example, at the Trinity Church, Rev. Wright and his cronies were also members of and/or attending conferences held by the black racist/separatist group known as N’COBRA, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, as mentioned in the Kincaid columns. This group started out as a small group of black extremists in Philadelphia and has spread across the country, though its actual membership appears to be a lot smaller than they will admit to.

They publish a newsletter entitled “Black Reparation Times” which started in 2003. We will get back to the “BRT” in a few paragraphs.

An initial search of the N’COBRA website and some of its links, brought up a copy of “ENCOBRA” Special Fundraising Edition, Vol. XII, No. 1, Summer, 2003, with a cover story entitled “National Five Year Strategic Plan, Building N’COBRA and the Reparations Movement, 2003-2008”. It concerned their National Board Meeting and Retreat in Princeville, No. Carolina.

Of interest was the following description of American society by Dorothy Benton Lewis, National Co-Chair, as mentioned in her yearly review and mission statement.

“The work we do in the reparations movement will transform the toxic society in which we live. We most also transform the toxic effects this society has on us.”

Her hate-America venom flowed freely but Lewis’ history is an interesting one, that must be brought out because of her ties to Rev. Wright and his church.

Among the groups that she credited with being predecessors of N’COBRA were the “Self-Determination Committee, Black Reparations Commission, , African National Reparations Organization and the Republic of New Afrika, to new a few.”

Well, the APSP pretty much describes itself as “socialist” or marxist, while the Republic of New Afrika has been a terrorist organization responsible for the killing and wounding of several police officers as well as having some of its members involved in terrorist acts across the country. They follow the old Communist Party plan of establishing an independent black nation consisting of about five states in the Black Belt of the southern U.S. (See: “The American Negro in the Communist Party”, report, Dec. 22 1954, House Committee on Un-American Activities, for a short summary of the CP’s plans for the south).

The African National Reparations Organization (ANRO) is very interesting because so little is known about it by the public outside of the black extremist movements. According to the authoritative publication “Information Digest” of Aug. 17, 1984, this group “was established in November 1982 by the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), an Oakland-based Marxist group that occupies a niche (and a headquarters) previously filled by the Black Panther Party (BPP). The ANRO chairman is Dorothy Lewis, formerly a leader of the National Black Independent Political Party (NBIPP). APSP chairman Joseph Waller, aka Omal Yeshitela, founded APSP in St. Petersburg, Fla. in the early 1970’s.”

[Note: the NBIPP was an attempt to unite many black leftist and ethnocentrist groups under one political umbrella, and it lasted for only a couple of years at the most. Leftist Ron Daniels was one of its leaders, in between his many stints with other marxist groups such as the CPUSA-National Lawyers Guild-created Center for Constitutional Rights].

Chokwe Lumumba

This brief report also mentioned that Waller, Ben Chavis (UCC, NAACP leader, CPUSA front leader, and now Black Moslem), and others set up an International Prisoners’ Solidarity Committee (IPSC) and an International African Prisoners of War Solidarity Day rally (March 30-31, 1973) “in Jackson, Miss. in support of the Republic of New Afrika(RNA)” which was “initiated by leaders of the RNA” in “support of both
Eldridge Cleaver, then living in Algiers and 11 RNA members arrested after an August 1972 shootout with police and FBI agents during which one officer was killed.” “Cleaver’s BPP faction had given rise to the terrorist Black Liberation Army (BLA) during the 1971-72 period. Among the principal RNA organizers of the protest were Chokwe Lumumba (BRC Sessions), Leroy Boston, and Cynthia Boston (aka Fulani) – all prominent in the investigations and prosecutions following the October 1981 Brinks armed robbery and murders of two Nyack police officers and one Brinks guard), in Nyack, NY.”

[Chokwe Lumumba was listed as the RNA Minister of Justice in the 3/18/83 issue of “Information Digest”].

Joseph Waller, aka Omal Yeshitela

A much longer piece on Waller was found in the “Information Digest” of March 9, 1984 in the section ” “Burning Spear: African Peoples Socialist Party.” It gave more information about his past ties to violence-advocacy groups, crime, domestic terrorist support groups and even foreign terrorist groups in Ireland (IRSP), Palestine (PFLP), South Africa (PAC), El Salvador (FMLN), and Nicaragua (FSLN). Domestic marxist and terrorist support groups included the mixed marxist Mass Party Organizing Committee, led by marxist attorney Arthur Kinoy (CPUSA fronts, NLG, CCR), which later became the National Coalition for Independent Political Action (NCIPA) and the Weather Underground Organization’s Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC).

Waller/APSP also set up a “white” members support group known originally as the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) which later became the Committee in Solidarity with African Independence (CSAI), a telephone booth-sized organization. The CSAI set up a front group for themselves called the African National Reparations Organization Support Committee (ANRO-SC).

This information on the ANRO/APSP and its ties to both the RNA and BLA are important because they also tie these marxist extremist groups into the white Weather Underground Organization of Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn. The old WUO morphed into the May 19th Communist Organization, led in part by Kathy Boudin, whose son Chesa has been raised by the Ayers while his mother serves a long sentence in jail for her part in the Nyack killings (his father is serving life for this crime).

The Nyack robbery was one of several done by a joint group of M19C and BLA/exRNA members in New York and possibly other states. While this has some distant connection to Sen. Obama thru the Ayers (whom he did not know at that time), it also connects him to the Rev. Wright and his church who had direct ties to some of these people in the reparations movements, especially Lewis, Lumumba and others who either were participants and/or members of the Black Radical Congress (Cole – Venceremos Brigade, an SDS/CPUSA project; Maulana Karenga – US; Imari Obadele – RNA); and Ron Walters – too many groups to list), as well as the “Sessions” partici-pants of June 1998 (Lennox Hinds – National Conference of Black Lawyers, the US affiliate of the Soviet legal front, the International Association of Democratic Lawyers which operates thru a sister front known as the Association of American Jurists headquartered in Cuba, and who was married to Jennifer Dohrn, Bernadine Dohrn’s sister); Adjoa Aiyetero – black lawyer, N’COBRA NCBL; and Tim
(Timuel) Black, a Chicago political power and friend/supporter of Obama (ACLU board member and supporter of an effort to put the CPUSA on the Illinois ballot in 1974, (“Daily World”, 8/24/74, “Illinois Communists press court fight for ballot status”).

According to one interesting article on Imari Obadele, entitled “Imari Obadele: The Father of the Modern Reparations Movement” by Robert C. Smith, June 2000, Obadele formed the RNA with “his Malcolm X Society associates in 1968.”

From the House Committee on Un-American Activities report “Guerrilla Warfare Advocates in the United States”, May 6, 1968, we find the following information on the Malcolm X Society on page 24.

“On the weekend of March 30, 1968, a convention of black nationalists was held in Detroit under the sponsorship of the Malcolm X Society. Fifty delegates to the convention signed a declaration of independence calling for the establishment of a separate Negro nation in the territory encom-passed by the States of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina.

Robert Williams (ed:an avowed Maoist and one-time federal fugitive from kidnaping charges) was elected president of the group. H. Rap Brown, chairman of SNCC (ed: now a Black Moslem, is serving a life sentence for the murder of a law enforcement officer) was elected as the organization’s ‘minister of defense.’ The widow of Malcolm X, Mrs. Betty Shabbazz, was elected a vice president.”

Betty Shabazz

Shabazz has been a steady supporter of both communist and black moslem groups, as well as the RNA, and has accused Rev. Louis Farrakhan of having a role in the slaying of her husband, Malcolm X, the leader of a Nation of Islam faction in 1965.

Many of these names will keep appearing in other groups and causes through the years, from a few innocuous groups to those on the hardcore marxist left and/or in the black extremist arena].

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