The Adoption Option-One Couple’s Experience 4

Part 4 our experiences with the adoption system. Part 3 is here.

Soon a meeting was arranged in Christchurch CYF office with our birth mother, Sarah. Heavily pregnant and as nervous as we were, Sarah looked her young 18 years.

The meeting went well, but it was really weird for both sides. Knowing that this bright young girl was carrying our future daughter and had given birth to our future son!

The next exciting part was to start visits with 22 month old James at his foster home. Here was a coincidence. James’ temporary foster mum, Joy, was an old friend of Tracey’s from toastmistresses! Joy was stoked and also knowing Sarah very well, gave her some support for choosing us.

I still remember seeing James opening the door to let us in. What a good looking little boy! Cherubic round face and big brown eyes under a wild shock of strawberry blond hair.

It was supposed to take a month of transitional visits before James moved in. He was living with us within 10 days!

Next was our daughter’s birth, scheduled for only a few weeks later-by C section, 23rd December 2004.

Tracey went to doctors visits with Sarah and talked to our daughter in the womb. We knew our wee girl would have to spend her first 12 days in foster care with Joy as per NZ adoption law, so Tracey arranged for some of her clothes to line our wee girl’s cot to get her used to Tracey’s smell.

The day came. We went to Christchurch Women’s Hospital to meet Sarah and her Aunty. We waited outside the theatre. A few minutes after “time” we were still waiting. Then we heard the cry we will never forget. A few minutes later Tracey was crying as she cradled this tiny little naked rabbit in her arms. I had a few tears myself.


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  1. From another set of adoptive parents (“boys” now 27 and 23 — 2 of our 5 kiddos), CONGRATULATIONS and God be with you all!

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