Half US Population Serving in Military?

From Cuban website La Prensa Latina

Washington, Mar 12 Legislators are insisting that Congress debate this week returning more than 140 million North American soldiers, in direct defiance to President George W. Bush s militaristic policy.

According to this, the President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, expressed that this measure could be approved in commission before August 2008.


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2 thoughts on “Half US Population Serving in Military?

  1. Agree with you mah it’s rubbish, Pelosi is desperate and will say anything. Her district was videoed calling her a sell out for agreeing with raising the debt ceiling and down grading the country, or was it they didn’t get what they wanted more programs?? Whatever it was they were attacking her and she’s not used to that. Now they have a choice of gutting the military or the programs?? dumbasses, they boxed themselves in a corner, we’ll see who wins.

  2. The La Presna Latina is nothing more than the propaganda mouth of the Communist Party of Cuba. In short, it’s lying about that status. I hardly don’t think America has 140 million soldiers in its military. Hmm, why are they so desperate in lying?

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