Why doesn’t MSM Focus on the Real Crazies?

The US MSM media bends is hell-bent on painting patriotic, decent, law-abiding American “Tea-Partiers” as violent , racist red-necks.

Where were they in the Bush years when bona fide leftist crazies stalked American streets?

Thanks to Geri.


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5 thoughts on “Why doesn’t MSM Focus on the Real Crazies?

  1. Steve…

    You know, considering all the facts about McCarthy that have come out in the last 15 or 20 years, you’d think Lefty’s would be more careful about invoking his name. If you’d been paying attention you’d have noticed the MSM doesn’t toss the word McCarthyism around as much as they used to.. Some of the blogger and editorial writers do, but not the Media itself.

    It’s true, he drank too much, so did Churchill

    Since the fall of the Soviet Union, KGB Documents and Documents released by our NSA have confirmed McCarthy was closer to the truth than most people thought. Not something the MSM or the Democratic Party want to draw attention towards.

  2. Ah, no, Bush (The Minor) was not another Hitler…..he failed that prescription on account of his spectacular thickness…..it was Daddy's bricks and mortar got his degree.

    And GOPers, tea partiers and the like, well…..they're getting all dreamy and glassy-eyed over Scarah Palin…..what in God's name has right-wing America come to ?

    Anyone but that obtuse bint…..
    Please !

    Give me silly old alcoholic (speaking of Bush The Minor) Sen'tor Joe McCarthy any day. At least he didn't really, really believe his shit. He was just on a several years bender.

    Ka kite whanaunga…..

  3. Unfortunately, these attitudes weren't restricted to such uninformed mushrooms as these. I sat at a high school cafeteria in the Bible Belt with a marvelously talented and nice young woman who claimed, in front of students, that "Bush was another Hitler."

    I really liked her. She was, in all other ways, intelligent, sensitive, and fun. But I was appalled that she not only believed it but found it important to proclaim in front of impressionable young people who wanted her approval.

  4. Gee how come it only the looney left that thinks killing is a viable option to advance their idealogy? Uh, hey loons Hitler was a Socialist like you.

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