Kiddie Commies Gather in Hanoi

From Thanhnien

Hanoi to host World Federation of Democratic Youth congress
The 17th Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) will take place in Hanoi from Mar. 9-14 with more than 160 representatives of 77 youth organizations from 54 countries taking part.

Speaking at a press conference in Hanoi on Wednesday, Doan Van Thai, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee said that this would be the first WFDY assembly to take place in the Vietnamese capital.

With the theme “Let’s reinforce the struggle against imperialist aggression and exploitation for peace, solidarity and social transformation,” the assembly will review WFDY’s activities, discuss orientations for the new term, issue a political declaration and the assembly’s resolutions and elect new leadership for the federation.

During the assembly, the participants will meet with General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nong Duc Manh, attend a “Vietnam on the path to socialism” forum as well as a cultural exchange with students from the Hanoi University of Technology.


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4 thoughts on “Kiddie Commies Gather in Hanoi

  1. Isn’t Vietnam moving away from socialism and communism? Surely the lefties should be upset that another country is moving towards the capitalist path to riches?

    The socialist republic of Vietnam pasport stamp is one of my favourites 🙂

  2. Some wag once said something like

    “Any country with “Democratic” in its name-isn’t.”

    The same applies to many organisations.

  3. There’s a recent human rights report of the Communist Party of Vietnam oppressing various religious groups ranging from Christians to Buddhists along with pro-democracy supporters.

    Typical of Communists to just love oppression.

  4. Why do these little communist dingleberries call themselves ‘democratic’?

    Are they using the word ‘democratic’ the same way that communists use the word ‘peace’ or ‘justice’?


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