4 thoughts on “Communists Back Obama Over Clinton

  1. The reason Communists probably chose, and continue to choose, Obama over Hillary Clinton, may have something to do with this too, http://www.hillaryclintonquarterly.com/hillaryclintonsthesis.htm

    On the other hand, some may find it even more puzzling.

    I’d strongly suggest downloading the actual Hillary Clinton Thesis from that link, http://www.hillaryclintonquarterly.com/documents/HillaryClintonThesis.pdf. and, in order not to poison the mind, suggest reading the acrobat page number (in the acrobat menu) 77 & 78 to glean Alinsky’s relationship with Daniel P. Moynihan, as well as Alinsky having had a rather trouble free life, financially.

    Also one may find other insights in reading this, as long as they do not let it reach any mental “adoption.”

  2. a black and a feminist, trev’s nightmare.

    he’d vote for the aging corpse known as mc cain – who killed asian ‘commies’?

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