Communists Back Obama Over Clinton

From the Communist Party USA’s People’s Weekly World


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4 thoughts on “Communists Back Obama Over Clinton

  1. a black and a feminist, trev’s nightmare.

    he’d vote for the aging corpse known as mc cain – who killed asian ‘commies’?

  2. The reason Communists probably chose, and continue to choose, Obama over Hillary Clinton, may have something to do with this too,

    On the other hand, some may find it even more puzzling.

    I’d strongly suggest downloading the actual Hillary Clinton Thesis from that link, and, in order not to poison the mind, suggest reading the acrobat page number (in the acrobat menu) 77 & 78 to glean Alinsky’s relationship with Daniel P. Moynihan, as well as Alinsky having had a rather trouble free life, financially.

    Also one may find other insights in reading this, as long as they do not let it reach any mental “adoption.”

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