7 thoughts on “Who Backed Hugo?

  1. How about Chavez’s alliance with Iran and its President? You know that holocaust denying President of Iran who also seeks the destruction of Israel?

    You’re pandering to Chavez is just pathetic. It’s like trying to suggest how Putin won’t benefit from the deaths of his critics.

  2. ‘I think it will be awhile yet before Chavez moves against his critics.’

    So you at least admit that free speech and a democratic electoral process exist in Venezuela? Why not wait, then, until Chavez goes the way of Hitler before issuing your defences of his violent overthrow? Otherwise people might the idea that the vice pres of ACT doesn’t, you know, like democracy or something. Perhaps though you have the gift of prophecy that enabled that bloke in The Dead Zone to see that Martin Sheen was going to be the new Hitler?

  3. Chavez is fairly popular among its citizens, for example on a recent poll, about 60% of its citizens favored his work.

    Now with Ecuador’s leftist Leader and the rise, albeit slow, rise of Bolivia. it seems like a union might be formed to topple the democratic ideals of the north.

  4. You’re a bit naive anon.

    We live in the age of the Internet. That gives people a lot of protection against tyrannical regimes, which is why China tries to control it.

    Chavez has just finished stage 1 of the revolution, he is about to embark on stage 2.

    I think it will be awhile yet before Chavez moves against his critics.

    1920s Russia was also fairly free and vibrant, the revolution had to be consolidated before the crackdown came.

    It even took Chavez’s mentor Castro a little while before he was confident enough to take out the opposition.

    BTW where’s Cameron?

  5. ‘it’s quite sad to see the Chavistas trying to deny that Chavez is totalitarian’

    Why? The Veenzuelan opposition says the same thing. They’ve just accepted the eelction result as free and fair.
    Read the last post on vcrisis, the most anti-Chavez blog around. Read the recent interview with Teodor Petkoff, the leading anti-Chavez journalist, where he says he has complete freedom to write and say what he wants in Venezuela. Do you seriously believe that if you and Trevor went to Venezuela and started blogging in Spanish or selling this stuff on a street corner you’d be chucked in the slammer?

  6. Of course the Communist Venezuelan Party is backing Chavez. The Brazilian Communist Party backs the government of Lula da Silva of Brazil. Scary how much influence these people have. Yet it’s quite sad to see the Chavistas trying to deny that Chavez is totalitarian or has totalitarian backers.

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