Communists Hold High Level Talks in Beijing

The Communist Party of China recognizes the Communist Party USA as a significant political force, both in the USA and on the world stage.

That is apparent from the reception a high level CPUSA delegation received on its recent visit to China. They were treated like visiting US diplomats, rather than the leaders of a few thousand strong political sect.

From the CPUSA’s latest People’s Weekly World

BEIJING — A Communist Party USA delegation headed by national chair Sam Webb arrived here Nov. 30 for a party-to-party exchange. In the first three days the delegation visited many historic sites, including the tomb of Mao Zedong, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum and an exhibition on the Long March of the 1930s.

The four-person delegation includes Jarvis Tyner, the party’s executive vice chair, Scott Marshall, labor secretary, and Pamella Saffer, international secretary.

Seeing the sights was not the only item on the itinerary. The CPUSA leaders met with Communist Party of China leaders, unionists and women’s leaders.

CPC International Department Vice Minister Ma Wenpu met with the delegation over a sumptuous lunch. Explaining the role of the CPC in Chinese society, Ma said, “The goal of the Communist Party of China is to build a harmonious socialist society.”

The lunch meeting was held at the ultra-modern, newly built 16-story office building of the International Department of the CPC, which stands out as one of the most attractive buildings in all of Beijing.

Liao Dung, director-general of the CPC’s bureau for North America, Oceana and Nordic Affairs, also participated.

Earlier meetings were held with Zhu Bin, deputy director of the All China Federation of Trade Unions International Department, Zhang Shiping, member of the secretariat of the All China Women’s Federation, and Minister Wang Jiarui of the CPC’s International Department.

Among the topics discussed were China-U.S. relations, the need for six-party talks on North Korea, CPUSA and CPC relations, women’s equality, the urgent struggle to end the war in Iraq, the impact of globalization and trade issues, and China-Africa relations.

The delegation was to also visit Shenzhen and Guangzhou before making a brief visit to Vietnam.


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6 thoughts on “Communists Hold High Level Talks in Beijing

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  2. Now you are just simply being stupid. America isn’t a Communist state by your idiotic analogy as what this really is.

    The truth be told is why the Communist Party USA endorses the Democratic victory is because the Communist movement such as the folks like International ANSWER didn’t support the war. You simply just don’t get it do you? The real thing is that you probably just don’t care that there is a totalitarian movement like the Communist movement out there ready to use whatever means to impose their will upon everybody else.

    You ignore anything negative about your boy Chavez. You ignore anything that details any remnant proof of a Communist movement or assorted radical movements in existance. According to someone like you, Capitalism, America and any Western civilization is the ultimate enemy of civilization itself. Uh, didn’t someone like Mao Zedong believed in that? Isn’t that why the Communist Party USA wants close relations with their fellow comrades in China? You just simply don’t care about this connection do you?

    You’re pathetic, simply, simply, simply pathetic for this blatant ignorance.

  3. If the CPUSA say nice things about the Dems they obviously control them.

    I’ve also noticed that there are red stripes on the American flag. Suspicious?

  4. Boy, you certainly just don’t give a damn about the Commmunist Party USA praising the recent Democratic victories in the mid-term elections do you? Or how they are linked with Communist China which is quite fond of your boy Chavez?

    You’re pathetic.

  5. Hillary is Chavistamaoislamofascist? Something like that, I guess. Conspiracies are always a nice way of saving time.

  6. Commies getting together with American Commies, Oleg Shenin of the Russian Communist Party prepared to run in 2008 for the presidential elections in Russia, Hillary having George Soros who supported the “anti-Communist revolutions” of Eastern Europe. Uh, anyone drawing any connections right here? Or is it just me?

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