Spirit of ’76 on "Leftism"

Spirit of ’76 with a very succint analysis of what it means to be a “leftie”.

Leftism is not about having any form of rational ideology, just a belief in your own highly smug moral superiority, with a matching condescending attitude, a refusal to consider anything but the most simplistic ideas, and a willingness to say absolutely anything, no matter how dishonest and contradictory, to gain power and force your will on others.

Sums it up pretty well, I reckon.


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1 thought on “Spirit of ’76 on "Leftism"

  1. The thing about libertarian politics is that it’s proponents, by logical necessity, promote subjecting their ideas to rational critique. That’s what libertarian politics is all about – reason. Many people (classical liberals, libertarians, anarchists, even centrists) have different views of what is objectively a correct interpretation of the real world, but they still engage in productive debate using reason.

    Statist politics rejects reason as a necessity. That’s why it’s pointless to bother engaging in debate with lefties (and “right wing” statists) because by definition its a waste of time. A debate requires the parties involved to side with reason. Thus its actually impossible to have a logical debate with someone who rejects reason.

    Statists are a waste of time.

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