Correa's Socialist Amigos

A translation of a recent congratulatory letter from the new president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa to comrade Fidel Castro.

Hat Tip Once Upon a Time in the West

Dear Comrade Fidel:

In name of Country Alliance and of tens of thousands of Ecuadorians, I want to extend our congratulations on your 80 birthday, which we are sure will be observed with a great celebration on December 2, on the 50 anniversary of the disembarkation of the Granma in the Cayuelos.

Our congratulations unites with more hope now than ever because the country is entering historical times. Ecuador is preparing for the triumphal entrance on January 8 of the Citizens’ Revolution. At that time, Ecuadorians will recover the sovereign power that the political mafias have been maintained and kidnapped for decades.

With great confidence in a new future for our country, we send you this message of friendship as well as to all the Cuban sisters and brothers, and our desire for your quick recovery.

A brotherly hug,

Rafael Correa Delgado

Correa has promised to close the US military base in Manta, where 400 soldiers are deployed as part of the Southern Command’s operation to apprehend cocaine traffickers.

Correa’s party Alianza Pais (“Country Alliance”) is part of an electoral alliance with the .

Correa has also committed to call a constituent assembly to rewrite Ecuador’s constitution.


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