Pair of P.R.A.T.T.s

Like many socialists, writer Dick Scott demonstrated against the 1981 Springbok Tour of NZ. He and son Mark, certainly qualified as Pinkoes and Reds Against The Tour

At the Hamilton game, Scott proudly marched with his “Sharpeville Score: 128-0″ banner He was punched to the ground for his troubles and rescued by his son Mark, who grazed his arm on the nails deliberately protruding from the banner.

It was perhaps Karmic justice for Mark, as he had attempted to thwart the first game of the Tour, in Gisborne, by dumping broken glass all over the pitch.

Mark Scott had hired a landrover and piled three Maori women in the back. They then crashed through the stadium gates before circling the ground, dumping piles of broken glass on the playing field.

The plan failed because they dumped the glass in piles, rather than spreading it properly. Scores of volunteers worked through the night, under floodlights, to clear the field in time for the game.

Mark Scott got periodic detention for depositing the glass, but was acquitted on charges of rioting and unlawful assembling for his part in demonstrations during the game.

Back in Auckland, Dick Scott mooted a plan to block access over the Harbour Bridge by dumping a fleet of slow moving old cars on the bridge, while drivers made their escape on motorbikes or by rope ladder. The plan foundered when some key operators pulled out.

Isn’t it amazing, how noble and idealistic socialists can be, when they know they’re right?


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6 thoughts on “Pair of P.R.A.T.T.s

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  2. I agree with the cops clearing the pitch bit. If the cops had been allowed, or were willing to do their job, the anti-Tour movement would haave been kaput.

    Mob violence and thuggery isn’t my idea of fighting for freedom however.

  3. The cops should have been allowed to clear the pitch in Hamilton. Every red-blooded Mooloo supporter would have jumped the fence to get into the Commie scumbags too.

    The rent-a-protest mob might have suffered some serious injuries or even a couple of deaths, but there would have been no more trouble for the rest of the tour.

    An opportunity lost …

  4. Anon…Read Jim Perons “Die ,the beloved country” for an indepth point by point runndown on SA under the ANC and see that all thats really changed is the colour of the dictators.

  5. I never said SA was better off under Apartheid. It is however, well documented and acknowledged even by the likes of John Minto, that economic conditions have actually worsened for many or even most black people under the ANC/SACP government.

    SA basically went from one form of socialism (Apartheid), to another.

    I wanted to see Apartheid replaced by a non racial, free enterprise, constituional state. The ANC/SACP government is racist, socialist leaning and increasingly undemocratic. I believe SA is headed the way of Zimbabwe.

    I have never said SA is a communist state. It does however have a government which is dominated by the SACP. I believe that that is not a good thing.

    My opinions are my own, not ACT’s

  6. Trevor, is it true you said last week that South Africa was better off under apartheid than it is now under a communist dictatorship? Does Act believe South Africa is a communist country?

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