ACT Against the "Evil Killing Machine"

ACT stands for the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers, not Associating with Communist Tyrants. While I have many friends in the National Party and see them as allies in the pro freedom cause, there are certain issues that make me real glad I chose ACT.

While National people must always play to the middle ground, ACT people can say what they think.

I am hard core anti the Communist Party of China. I think the CPC is as bad, if not worse than the Nazis.

Because I’m in ACT, I don’t have to go to conferences and listen to my leader pass on greetings from butchers and tyrants.

I have a Party leader who makes no bones about his contempt for the Chinese Communist Party and its murderous thuggery.

Rodney’s blog “Evil Killing Machine

I spoke at the Falun Gong-organised protest against the Chinese Communist Party in Aotea Square at lunch time. It was a good crowd. They say over 7 million Chinese have publicly resigned now from the CCP. I hope so. And I hope it continues.

The banners had a brutal simplicity about them.

No sign of Keith Locke this year. He’s probably too busy protesting the USA. I understand from Keith that the communism that the Chinese practice is different to the one he advocates. But then it always is, isn’t it?

Communism/Socialism equals no private property equals dictatorship equals the most violent, tyrannical thug ending up on top.

History judges us not by which minor position we were able to secure, how much money we make or how many friends we have. History judges us by what stands we took, for what causes and how principled we were in the face of opposition, apathy and ridicule.

ACT is not perfect and I am much less so. However when I look back on my life I will know that I stood against the bloody dictatorship of the CPC and my chosen Party did likewise.

I did not politely clap and titter into my Merlot, while my party leader passed to me the best wishes of the Beijing barbarians.


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13 thoughts on “ACT Against the "Evil Killing Machine"

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  4. Aaron has become something of an idiot of late. His support for the CCP is eye-opening to say the least. Of course lines should be drawn. It is confusing to say that we should be in a dialogue with China, but not North Korea, that we should communicate with Iran but not Zimbabwe. (These are are only examples). How about we stop communicating with any nation that denies its people freedom?

    That would include:

    North Korea

    etc, etc

    It should make no difference if the country has a large and growing economy. Aaron has sold out his values. Shame on him.

  5. Of course anon, North Korea too can hold many other exciting opportunities for NZ. I look forward to Aaron also supporting Cuba, Zimbabwe and the South American socialist countries.

    The CPC are a dangerous lot and we should repell any contact with them, esp in the fashion that the Nats welcomed with open arms recently.

  6. Aaron as I have repeatedly posted, while I find links with the CPC morally repugnant, that is not the primary reason I oppose such ties.

    The primary reason is that I see China as a significant security threat to ourselves and our allies. Governments have an obligation to curb trade with nations which pose a security threat.

    I think you’re a bit naive to think that us trading with China will somehow reform them. If an honest person deals with the mafia what happens? Does the honest person reform the mafia or does the mafia corrupt the honest person?

    Sure by not trading with China we miss out economically, but we could gain some back by increasing trade with Taiwan.

    More importantly, what gain is a bit more trade, when by so doing we increase the ability of the CPC to eventually wage war on us and our allies.

    If noone could criticise until they were squeaky clean, then the world would be a very non controversial place.

    You Aaron have dished out large amounts of criticism of ACT in the past and I’ve welcomed it, because your criticisms are usually very valid and you have the best interests of the Centre Right at heart. Give me the same credit Aaron.

    I want National to do well. I want National to be the moral leader of the right. But how can that happen Aaron, when your leader shakes hands with tyrants and the commie Green Party are more anti communist than you are?

    I would like like Don Brash to be one day compared to Winston Churchill, not Neville Chamberlain

  7. Well I have some news for you Trevor. Just because you don’t like the government in China is no reason why others in NZ shouldn’t build a relationship with their people, their businesses, their diplomats and so forth. It is in New Zealand’s trading interests and diplomatic interests that we maintain a positive relationship with a nation that will besuch a significant trading partner of ours now and into the future.

    Trade with such nations inevitably builds towards freedom and liberalisation. As China opens up, slowly but surely, they will be exposed to new ideas in economics, governance and intellectual thinking. That has to be good for the side of freedom, a political freedom that I hope China enjoys as much as it presently enjoys the growing choices in economic freedoms.

    I’m sure all freedom lovers would liketo see a collapse in the Communist regime, in much the same way that the USSR fell after perestroika opened up the truth to its people. But maybe China has it right in building economic freedoms prior to liberalising. Maybe that will avoid the regimic collapse that caused so misery from the 1980s onwards in the former USSR.

    Whats more, I see no reason why countless NZ businesses, farmers, and traders should be punished for desiring closer contacts with China. If you want to maintain a personal boycott with China, that’s your business. But where do you draw the line? Do you boycott Shell because of their Nigerian operations in the past? Do you refuse to buy American products because of alleged abuses in Guantanamo or their high death penalty for criminals? Do you cease buying Australian goods because NZ apple farmers are denied access? Do NZers stop trading with Russia because of their Soviet history or their recent repressions of some in the media and oligarchs?

    It’s rather tiresome to see ACT illuminati wanting to lecture other parties with their high handed,holier than thou moralising, especially when I’ve witnessed enough of ACT’s own history and practices full of contemptible, craven and hypocritical behaviour.

    Feel free to not buy anything Chinese associated yourself. But until ACT is squeaky clean itself, I suggest you lay off on the moralising to the one party you hope to achieve things in government with.

  8. Aaron, I think you should just take this one on the chin rather than try to divert attention onto ACT. Clearly the CPC is trying to court National just as it does to other conservative parties worldwide. National should politely tell them to bugger off and let them further tarnish Labour’s image by association instead. After all commies hugging commies is one thing, but commies hugging conservatives is another. As you well know Aaron, I am no enemy of the National Party or Don Brash. I am however extremely disappointed that that some National people seem to think its OK to even be on friendly terms with murderers and dictators.
    Why don’t you and your friends use your clout inside national to see that this kind of disgrace doesn’t happen again.

  9. Rob – I think you mean “hear”.

    I get the impression that the ACT “Chief Strategist” who attended the dinner and relayed the information onto you and others was clearly humourless on the night. As someone who was at the dinner, it was a comment that was funny because such effusive greetings sound comical to us. Maybe it also reflects the fact that such greetings are routinely passed on by other nations to guests.

    No, ACT and yourself did not politely clap and titter into your glasses of wine over the Chinese Communist Party, but ACT certainly did engage in a feisty bout of self-congratulation inviting Tariana Turia to come and speak at your conference, while just weeks later ACT folk quickly lapsed into decrying the Maori Party as racist and, at least on this site, calling them socialist, tribalist and reactionary.

    If you can’t stand the communists passing on diplomatic niceties, why would you invite, let alone allow “racist, socialist, tribalist reactionaries” to speak to your delegates at your conference? And then behave like it was some kind of PR coup?

  10. Amen brother. There’s at least one thing we got right in our time and that’s the opposition against dictators and murdurous thugs.

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